5 questions of oral contraceptive pills

they are getting over the 5 questions of oral contraceptive pills

Data shows that about 100 million women in
the world use compound oral contraceptives. “
I don t want to be pregnant.” The
characteristics of not affecting sexual experience and complete self-control of
reproductive rights make many women show great enthusiasm for this kind of
oral contraceptive pills pilule
contraceptive prix Suisse.
But at the same time, many women
still have
many worries and puzzles about the use of contraceptives.

1. Is the contraceptive effect of
short-acting oral contraceptives reliable?

Short-acting oral
contraceptives are currently one of the most reliable contraceptive methods. “
I don t want to be pregnant.”This
kind of medicine is composed of estrogen and progesterone, and the
oral contraceptive pills two hormones achieve the effect of contraception through multiple functions.
The current popular contraceptive drug Yasmin contains drospirenone, a progesterone
component, which is close to the natural progesterone component. When used
correctly according to the instructions, the
effective rate of contraception
can reach more than 99%, which is more
reliable than condoms.

2. How safe is the long-term use of

From its inception
in the 1960s to the present, contraceptives have undergone 50 years of
development. The side effects of new contraceptives have been extremely low and
their safety is high. “
I don t want to be pregnant.”The estrogen contained in oral contraceptives has been changed from 50
micrograms per tablet to 30 micrograms today, reducing the side effects of
estrogen. At the same time, progesterone is also constantly updated. For
example, the short-acting compound
contraceptive pills
contraceptive (drospirenone), which is closest
to the properties of natural progesterone, has improved its safety.

As a reversible
method of contraception, after stopping oral contraceptives, most women can
quickly restore fertility. I don t want to be
pregnant.” In addition to contraceptive effects, oral contraceptive pills can also effectively reduce pain during ovulation, dysmenorrhea, symptoms of premenstrual
tension syndrome and so on. Women with heavy menstrual flow are prone to
anemia, and oral contraceptives can effectively reduce this risk. In addition,
oral contraceptives can also help women reduce the incidence of ectopic
pregnancy and ovarian cancer.

3. Will the use of contraceptives affect the sex process?

contraceptives can provide a seamless sex experience. “
I don t want to be pregnant.” At present, new contraceptives are
taken orally to achieve
contraceptive effects, without any external
physical protection, and the comfort of sex will not be affected in any way.

4. Will taking birth control pills affect

contraceptives will not affect women’s menstrual cycle, but can help regular
menstrual cycle, and can also relieve dysmenorrhea and reduce menstrual flow. “
I don t want to be pregnant.”New
oral contraceptives containing drospirenone can also
effectively improve
premenstrual tension syndrome, such as reducing breast
pain, mood swings, and headaches.

5. What else should I pay attention to when
using oral contraceptives?

In the initial
stage of taking it, some women may experience some discomfort such as spotting,
nausea, etc. “
I don t want to be pregnant.” This is a normal condition, and it will disappear gradually within a
month or two without
causing harm to the
body. In addition, short-acting
oral contraceptive pills are drugs used by healthy women. You must refer to the contraindications in the
instructions or consult a professional physician to see if it is suitable for use.

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