5 promises not of what makes man commit

they are looking at each other for what makes man commit

Almost every man
makes many promises to a woman when he is in love. They either vowed that their
eyes were dim, or they were as warm as yesterday’s eyes. Obviously, we cannot
doubt its sincerity because of this, but time will always let people see the
color of their underpants. The reason is that men and women have different ways
of thinking. Therefore, a truly mature and responsible man will never make
these promises
to a woman
lightly5 promises not of what makes man commit:

1. I will love you forever!

Do you know what makes man commit? Anyone with a little bit of common sense of
love knows that love is the most beautiful, but it is also the most unreliable!
When we always artificially add a long time attributive before the love between
men and women, in fact, in the bottom of our hearts, how many people should be
laughing at!

will love yo
u for the rest of my life, but any man who is a little more
mature will not put this sentence on the side of the road, let alone use such a
sentence that is not very responsible for his life. Maybe they will do a good
job in action, cherish every moment of loving you now, and promise to be
responsible for your life. But loving you is often not under his own control,
and it may be destined to be just a beautiful lie from the beginning.

2. I will never lie to you!

Do you know what makes man commit? Without coaxing, you can’t talk about love, without
cheating, you can’t keep your marriage fresh. Coaxing and deceiving require
art, and love for the foreshadowing. If from the very beginning of the
germination of love, you have to use the so-called
as an excuse to block this art of love for a lifetime, it would be
a pity and stupid thing.

3. You are always the most beautiful in my heart!

In my heart, you
are always the most beautiful. However, many women take it as a promise, as a
promise that a man will admire for her life. As everyone knows, a mature man
would never say that, he would weigh before making a promise, and would have at
least one preliminary balance of interests.

4. How long will I wait for you!

Do you know what makes
man commit
? “How long
will I wait for you!” In this sentence, what a man can really do is only
in the early stages of love. For most men, as long as a woman confirms a
relationship with him, a man will always have various excuses to make him late
and leave early. From the beginning, he waited for a woman, and slowly became a
woman waiting for him.

5. I am willing to give everything for you!

Love and marriage
are actually a contractual relationship. Love is an oral spiritual contract,
and marriage is a written formal legal contract. However, when a man says to a
woman, “I am willing to give everything for you”, the man is no
longer free and complete. On the surface, this is an act of willingness to sacrifice
for love
, which is often very moving. In fact, when things go against one’s
wishes in reality, they often end up as cheating on a bad check.

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