5 points for matching energy in relationships

he is looking at her for matching energy in relationships

A while ago, my
friends asked those who are in a happy and intimate relationship, “What factors
do you think should be considered when choosing a partner to achieve a happy
intimacy”? These girls shared with us the following5 points for matching
energy in relationships “mate selection strategy”:

1.     Choose someone who
will not belittle other women to cater to you.
For example, you
will not say bad things about your ex-girlfriend in front of you, chew on the
tongue of other women, listen to you talking about other people, and do not
make particularly exciting comments for matching energy in relationships.

2.     Don’t have any
imagination about what is “love” and what is “love” in your
don’t look for a lover based on conditions, and don’t
refuse and give up when you don’t meet expectations. Relax and enjoy the
connection between each other for matching energy in relationships.

3.     I think perhaps
the most important thing is to use my intuition.
If you feel
something is wrong when you get along with someone, you feel that a string is
stretched, and you perceive all kinds of small discomforts, don’t ignore them
at this time. Don’t deceive yourself, because maybe your instinct has already
told you that this person Not suitable, uncomfortable to get along with. And
when you get along with a person, you can show yourself naturally, and get
along and communicate comfortably, maybe that person is more suitable for matching energy in relationships.

4.     Emotional
stability is the most important.
I have been with a lot of good-looking
guys, but if you often quarrel or cold war, you will get bored no matter how
good-looking you are. Not everyone has the wisdom to get along with. Today’s
husband is emotionally stable, smart, and not hurried in trouble. Although
young, he can’t help but rely on him at work. Anything in life can be discussed
with me, plan and divide labor together. If it is something I am not good at or
love to do, it will naturally take over. Therefore, it is difficult for us to
imagine that two people will quarrel, and because he is emotionally stable, I
am not worried about suddenly arguing or encountering cold violence, and I feel
full of security in
life for matching energy in relationships.

5.     Choose someone who
trusts you.
I went to Bengdi with my friend until dawn.
After talking to him, he said, “Can you tell me when you go to the
nightclub?” I thought he would mind if I go to the nightclub. He
continued, “I don’t mind how you play. I’m just worried about your safety.
If you go to play in the future, tell me in advance that I can pick you up
after the end…” This kind of trust may be something that can make our
feelings go far for matching energy in relationships.

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