5 points before you have beautiful anal sex you should know

They are having have beautiful anal sex

Of all human sexual behaviors, anal sex is the most misunderstood. In
spite of the fact that 1 in 4 women among heterosexuals have tried
anal sex, which is even higher among gay anal train sex. So far, beautiful anal sex is still a taboo because of its many misunderstandings. Many people are
reluctant to try anal sex, while some may not have
best anal sex ever. Thus, there
are 5
before you have beautiful anal
sex you should know.

In fact, as long as the correct technique is mastered, anal sex will be
full of fun and enjoyment. This is because the anus has a large number of
nerves and is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones in humans. Caress,
massage, or other methods of stimulating the anus can bring great pleasure.
According to the survey, many men and women (whether homosexual or not) can
achieve orgasm by relying solely on anal stimulation. Today, we are going to
break the 5 misunderstandings surrounding “anal sex taboo”, and you
will find the right way to have anal sex fun.

1.     The anus is dirty, so beautiful anal sex is not real right?

Since our childhood, we have been taught that the anus is a dirty area of
the body that cannot be touched. “Wash
hands after
going to the toilet”, this has been instilled over and
over again since kindergarten. Of course, in addition to the anus, other areas
of the body, such as the male penis, the female vagina and other sexual organs
are also educated to be “dirty”-but now we don’t seem to think so
much when enjoying the bedclothes. .

According to the daily cleaning habits of most people today, the anus is
as clean as other body areas (or as dirty), just like the toilet in your
toilet, and definitely cleaner than the kitchen sink. The anus does accumulate
all kinds of bacteria, but it is definitely not less than the oral cavity, so
no matter what kind of sex, good cleaning habits are essential.

2. Anal sex
hurts, so beautiful anal sex is not safe, right?

Anal sex
doesn’t hurt
at all. Yep? Do you raise your hand against? Well, I haven’t
finished it yet: if you feel painful in anal sex, it only means that your
method is wrong. Anal sex is an art and a science. If you want to enjoy the fun
of anal sex, you must understand its skills before practicing. How to reach the
culmination of anal pleasure? This requires relaxation, lubrication and knowledge.

The anus is a passage about 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) long, enclosing two
ring-shaped muscles. Of these two muscle rings, the first is the external
sphincter, which you can control freely, and the other is the internal
sphincter, which automatically tenses when you feel an external force.
Therefore, during anal sex, if you can
your mood
and relax the control of the external sphincter, it will make the
process easier and more enjoyable. Of course, the anus cannot produce natural
lubricating body fluids, so the use of water-based lubricants can increase
sexual pleasure to a greater extent.

3. Anal sex is
harmful to the body, so we should have
beautiful anal sex, right?

Many people are afraid that anal sex will lead to hemorrhoids, anal
rupture and tissue contusion, and some people even worry that anal sex will
cause incontinence, and they will live on adult diapers for the rest of their
lives. In fact, as long as your sexual partner does not
any sexually t
ransmitted diseases, or the sex toy you choose is clean and
suitable, pleasant anal sex will not cause any physical damage at all. Of
course, when you don’t know the health of your sex partner, please use a
condom. It is best to avoid condoms that are smeared with spermicide, as this
may irritate the sensitive anal and rectal tissues.

4. Anal sex is
abnormal behavior, so beautiful anal sex should not start, right?

Anal sex is a normal way of sexual behavior that has always existed with
human evolution. In some cultural traditions in the world, women are accustomed
to obtaining sexual pleasure through anal sex with their sexual partners in
order to protect their “chaste” and virginity. And whether in history
or in the world, anal sex is a normal way of behavior for homosexuals. On the
other hand, what behavior is unnatural? What behavior is natural? You should tell
yourself through your body. If you feel unable to adapt to a certain sexual
behavior, then don’t choose it! Don’t forget to
be the master of your own body.

5. Only
homosexuals can have anal sex, right ?

Although for a long time, people have been saying that anal sex is
“behave” or “BAO chrysanthemum”, which is a homosexual
behavior. However, on the other hand, people often
try anal sex secretly and enjoy the pleasure of anal sex. Do heterosexuals like anal sex? of course! Not only those girls, but even many boys like that kind of
“fullness”, they are just ashamed to speak out.
Anal sex is only a way to satisfy sexual pleasure, not a means to identify personal
sexual orientation.

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