5 needs behind love problem for men and women

They are kissing ignoring love problems in relationship

In relationship, men and women often quarrel and have conflicts over love problem. Sometimes, they may break up, but women have no reason why
men leave women they love.
While few people
really understand the root cause behind
love problem.

In fact, men and women need to truly understand what men and
women need behind love problem?
Not like this “ I love you but
I love me more.”
Then they will know that love is worth
fighting for.

1.     Women
need to be understood, while men need to be accepted

A man who listens to a woman does not make judgments, but is fully
considerate, which makes women grateful. Of course, understanding a woman’s
feelings does not mean that she has to be a “superman” and know her
thoughts and feelings clearly. The man just collects as much information as
possible from the woman’s confession to understand and consider her true state
of mind. Women are eager to understand, and men’s listening makes her
satisfied. In return, she accepts men more, which is the result that the latter
dreams of.

Women are full of love, accepting men as they are, instead of trying to
change each other, men will feel the love of women. He knows that he does not
have to be perfect, but he can still be favored. Women will not reform him, but
believe that he can work hard on his own, make progress, and continue to
mature. A man feels that he is loved by a woman, so he is more willing to be a
listener of a woman, consider her needs and satisfy her wishes.

2.     Women need to be respected, while men
need to be gained the gratitude

At the same time, women are grateful to men for their respectful attitude,
and they are grateful to men for putting her thoughts and feelings at heart,
instead of ignoring them, and for being tolerant and considerate. For example,
men remember to send flowers to women or celebrate their wedding anniversary,
similar actions, to satisfy women’s third love needs-the respect of men. She
the love and care of men, which makes her happier. Men are also more
willing to serve her and become the samurai in women’s minds. In fact, as long
as they get the necessary support, the gratitude of a woman goes without

The man is appreciated and valued, and his efforts are not in vain, so he
is greatly encouraged and willing to give more. Gratitude is a “heart
booster” that makes a man full of strength, generates greater motivation,
and respects his partner more.

3.     Women
need loyalty, while men need praise

Men prioritize women’s needs, and being happy and proud of supporting her
and satisfying her means that a woman’s fourth love requirement—a man’s
loyalty—is met. When a woman gets praise and experiences the unique value in a
man’s heart, she will be exuberant and moving! For a woman’s love needs, a man
sees more importantly than his interests and hobbies (such as reading, work,
entertainment), which means that he can fully satisfy his desires. In the eyes
of a man, a woman’s status is unparalleled, and she will love her man more.

Just as women need the loyalty of men, one of the basic love needs of men
is praise from women. To praise a man means to be surprised, joyful, and
approved of him. Women are pleased with their character and talents, and men
will feel praise. The merits of a man worthy of praise involve his strength,
humor, perseverance, integrity, honesty, romance, gentleness, understanding,
tenderness and other traditional virtues. Praise touched the man, so he did his
best to bring greater rewards to the woman. Every word and deed are boundless

4.     Women
need to be considerate, while men need to gain recognition

In the face of women’s “abnormal” feelings, men do not advise
and refute, but are considerate, and women can feel the love of men. At this
time, her fifth need-a man’s consideration-was met. A man’s thoughtfulness is
an affirmation of how a woman feels about herself. Need to remember: A man can
retain his thoughts and opinions while giving understanding and consideration.
A man who is considerate of a woman’s feelings can get the recognition he

Men aspire to be women’s heroes, warriors in armor. Men believe that as
long as a woman recognizes him, it means that they have passed the
“exam.” The recognition of a woman means that she recognizes the
qualities of a man and expresses her love to the heart. Of course, a woman may
not always agree with a man’s point of view, but can understand the rationality
of his thoughts, words, actions, and feelings, that’s all. With recognition,
men are relieved and more likely to recognize women’s feelings.

5.     Women
need comfort, while men need encouragement

Men often show care, understanding, respect, loyalty, and thoughtfulness,
while women’s desire for comfort is naturally satisfied. A woman needs comfort,
comfort makes her feel happy, has a sense of security, and believes in the
unwavering love of men.

At this time, men often misunderstand that he has met all women’s love
needs, she should feel happy and at ease, and from then on, women should firmly
believe that she is always loved by her man, which may not be the case. . He
also needs to meet the sixth love needs of a woman-often make love guarantees
to his partner and give her enough comfort.

The man mistakenly believes that he has met all the love needs of a woman,
she should feel happy and at ease, and from then on, a woman should firmly
believe that she is always loved by her man.

One of the basic love needs of men is the encouragement of women. Women should trust the personality
and talents of men, and they should not show any disdain between words. Only in
this way can we give men courage and hope. A woman’s positive attitude can
enable a man to gain motivation and become his true self. He will return to his
partner more love, understanding and comfort.

Knowing these 5 needs behind love problem is good for us to
manage our love and dating. We are also constantly growing and changing under
the temper of this differentiation. Let us be happy. And
love is worth
fighting for us.

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