5 key questions on sex of first time sex

they have gotten over 5 key questions on sex of first time sex

all women have to experience the first time in person, and before the girl has
no sex, there will be a hymen in the girl’s body. Therefore, in the case of
the first time sex, most
of the female friends who have ruptured the hymen. If the boys happen to be
inexperienced, they will make each other very uncomfortable. So what method is
used in
first time sex.

5 key questions on sex of first
time sex y
ou need to pay attention!

1. For the first time sex, you need to clear her tension

women have no experience in sex and work, you need to be active when you have
sex with them, assist her, channel her, and relax her inner fears. The
necessary knowledge of both sexes is introduced in detail. Because of shyness
or lack of experience, you may be more anxious at the beginning of intercourse.
Don’t be too anxious at this time, but take your time, circulate gradually, and
clear her tension.

2. In the first time sex, you should give her more
specific guidance

sexual intercourse, she should always be reminded of her posture, and men
should not act as a one-man show. For inexperienced women, it’s best to only
use common sex positions at the beginning, instead of using some rarer and distinctive
sex methods
at the beginning, it is a special method at the beginning,
which is easy to accidentally hurt women and make it difficult to enter
smoothly. .

3. What should I do if I encounter pain during my first time sex?

normal for girls to feel a little pain for the first time. This kind of pain
can be tolerated. Many women feel particularly painful. It is caused by
psychological tension, which leads to increased contraction of their private
parts. Not only are men obstructed when entering, but women feel painful. This
is also one of the main
reasons for the first failure.
If the private part is carried out in a
relaxed state of women, it will expand with excitement, so that it is easier
for men to enter.

4. The first time sex requires the aid of a lubricating

women have no sex experience, they will feel uncomfortable when men enter,
because women’s desires will be replaced by tension. At this time, when men
enter, it is recommended to use lubricating fluid, which will not only have
lubricating effect, but also have a certain level of relief. Pain, because of
the cool feeling, it also brings a sense of comfort to women.

5. The first time sex men don’t have to hold on for a
long time

the first time in sex
, men don’t have to hold on for a long time, because
the first time just needs a perfect combination. The real sex starts from the
second time, and men just let themselves be over before they start. Just don’t
have this embarrassment. Women will feel some pain for the first time, and men
will make the pain worse if it takes too long.

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