5 dating stages of a relationship that you must know!

They are in deep dating stage

Falling in love is a beautiful and wonderful process. I
believe that men and women who are in love can more or less feel that there are
different stages of love in their relationship,
but they still don’t know how many stages
are in love, and what difficulties they will encounter at different stages.

1 month relationship stage: early in love

the one-month love period, the couple simply got to know each other. This stage
of love is a process in which both men and women adapt to each other. In this
phase of love, both men and women will learn about each other’s hobbies and
styles of dealing with others through the daily mode of getting along.

the men and women will make a simple comparison through daily getting along
with each other to judge whether the two people are suitable for communication.
During this month, the girl will look at the boy’s performance, such as the
man’s ability to handle things and crisis public relations, whether the man is
motivated and so on.
you have been in a relationship for more than one month,
congratulations on successfully passing the
initial screening period of love! This also indicates that your love has
entered a new stage.

3 month relationship stage: Intimate Love

most couples, the beginning of a relationship is just the beginning. Maybe the
beginning of love,
one person to two people, must be a very warm thing.
That feeling is like finding support in
spirit, and since then the spirit has sustenance. For both men and women, they
have company by their side; two people can warm each other together, depend on
each other, and no longer have to suffer the torment of loneliness. But after
the early days of love, what you need to face is the love period.

this period, you will become more attached to each other and miss each other.
During your passionate love, you are not willing to be separated, and even get
along with each other for a day; you will all feel that time is spent very
long. This feeling is very beautiful and wonderful.

Give a
few examples of life: For example: when you have a new toy and you want to put
it down, you will think about sleeping with your arms around it, and never
separate? When you are unpacking the long-awaited express package, will your
heart beat faster? When you own the first car in your life, do you want to
drive it every day? In fact, t
exciting and wonderful feelings are the same as the emotions in love.
You have a strong curiosity and interest in
each other, and you even want to be together inexplicably. This time period is
the stage that the boy dreams of. Girls at this stage will start to become
gentle, considerate, understanding, and affectionate. Couples at this stage
will have a behavior, that is, two people stick together every day.

6 month relationship stage: buffer period

at this stage have passed their honeymoon period. The passion of the two people
has gradually receded and began to return to the essence of life. At the same
time, trivial matters in life, like firewood, rice, oil, salt, etc., will come
in contact. Couples at this stage of love, they will deeply appreciate the hardships
of life. They will start to adapt to each other’s personalities, and the
frequency of two people’s quarrels will become higher and higher.

course, this stage of buffering love is also a key stage to test couples.
Because the buffer run-in period is the most painful stage. At this time, the
two people will have obvious differences in concepts, and there will be more
and more contradictions, and the breakup will be natural.

month relationship stage: long-term dependency period

Only after experiencing hysterical quarrels can we
understand the value of the ordinary; only after experiencing severe running-in
can we understand the meaning of feelings. At this stage, the most obvious
manifestation is that the two sides are very dependent on each other. You will
feel that you can’t live without each other anymore, as if you can’t live
without each other. After long-term dependence and company, you have integrated
each other into your bones and blood; and you have become accustomed to each
other’s existence. At this stage, your relationship tends to stabilize. Two
people are the greatest happiness when they are together.

If you are still single, if you also want to find
beautiful love,
I suggest you should try to make friends with people from different countries
on the bl
You should be in contact with different people, and only after a brave attempt
can you judge whether you can find a suitable soul mate.

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