5 date facts affect having sex

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Many sexual disharmony in the
relationship between men and women is mostly caused by men’s inconsistent life.
This also makes many male friends very confused. Why are the good ones not
good? What causes this? Today, let’s understand What are the reasons why men do
not last? How to avoid it?
5 date
facts affect having sex.

1. Prostate disease

A major cause of prostate disease is the usual bad
living habits and eating habits for
issues in relationships
occur and cannot be treated in time, prostatitis can easily occur. Although it
is also a common and minor male disease, it will affect male sexual ability and
fertility in
interracial relationships facts.

2. Sudden interruption of

Many couples enjoy sex and do not want to take any
contraceptive measures. They choose extracorporeal ejaculation to avoid
conception. This will make both parties too rushed and nervous in the process,
leading to early ejaculation in interracial relationships facts. People
are prone to premature ejaculation because they have too little sexual
experience, or deliberately reduce the frequency of sex, and continue to
accumulate sexual tension against
sex issues in

3. Long-term masturbation

Studies have shown that masturbation itself does not
directly cause premature ejaculation. This is a psychological burden. In the
process, if you are always afraid of being discovered by others, you will want
to end it as soon as possible. Slowly it is easy to develop early ejaculation
interracial relationships facts. Long-term and frequent sex will make the male sexual
system in a state of high-load work. The sex organs are congested for a long
time and cannot get enough rest and recovery. If things go on like this, sexual
dysfunction will
easily occur against sex issues in
In addition, uncontrolled
masturbation has the same harm as excessive sexual life. If you are used to
masturbating with penile incomplete erection, it will cause normal erection
during normal sexual life, which may further aggravate the symptoms of sexual
dysfunction and even cause Premature ejaculation.

4. Sex can also be without

To break this concept, sex does not necessarily have
an orgasm. The more you worry about the arrival of an orgasm, the easier it is
to accelerate its arrival. Therefore, you can try to end the sex before
ejaculation. After a few times, it is possible to distinguish between sex and
orgasm, and it is easier to control it. Before sex, go to the bathroom to empty
the urine, which is more conducive to
controlling the orgasm against sex issues in relationships. Because the bladder is close to the prostate. If the
bladder is full of urine, it may cause ejaculation, so it is difficult to
control the orgasm.

5. Pay attention to the
position of sex

In sex, if you use the position of female upper and
lower male with your partner, the orgasm is easier to control. When the male is
in the upper position, because the male weight is pressed on the penis, the
body must keep moving up and down or left and right, and the muscles are
relatively tense against
sex issues in relationships in interracial
relationships facts.
this can also bring pleasure, it is not easy to control orgasm.

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