5 best sex positions to avoid cystitis

they are trying different sex positions

In recent years, many friends have been interested in yoga that is
beneficial to the body and mind. Let’s take a look at how to integrate yoga
mountain sex position
. Here are five
must-try sex positions for yoga lovers. Say goodbye to dullness, regain the
enthusiasm of the first experience of sex, and enjoy a different sex.
Deconstruct 5 sex
from the shallower to the deeper, and try the taste of yoga
best sex positions to avoid cystitis!

1- Pyramid sex position

First, for fat sex positions and best sex positions to avoid cystitis, the woman separates her feet slightly, about the width of her shoulders,
and lays the soles of her feet flat on the ground, and then slowly puts the
supporting points of her hands on a flat surface. After maintaining her
balance, she shifts her attention to the hips and straightens slightly. So that
the back of the head, back, and waist are in a straight line, and the pyramid
has been completed
magic mountain sex position. The accompanying feeling is that the muscles of the arms, upper back and
legs are stretching hard. At this point, you can fine-tune the width between
your feet, or slightly bend your knees to fit your partner.

2- lying butterfly sex position

First, for fat sex
positions and best sex p
ositions to avoid cystitis
, the woman sits on the ground, aligns the soles of both feet, and then
puts the soles of the feet as close to your lower yin as possible, and the
knees are separated and placed as close to the ground as possible, and then
slowly lie down so that the upper body is flat and comfortable , When you feel
the stretch of the inner thigh, it means you have completed the lying butterfly
pose. Your hands can be loosely placed on your sides, or stacked on top of your
head for
mountain sex position
, so that the other
half can push your wrists strongly and enjoy the feeling of being dominated.

3-arch bridge sex position

First, for fat sex positions and best sex positions to avoid cystitis, lie flat on the bed, bend your knees to about 90 degrees, open your legs
to the width of your shoulders, and relax your hands on your sides. After the
preparation is completed, use your thighs and buttocks to raise your buttocks,
so that your thighs, waist, and chest are aligned. It’s done when you feel the
muscles on the back of the thighs, buttocks and lower back. Let your other
partner enter from between your legs, you will feel the muscles of your
buttocks are very strong, even slightly trembling, your vagina will contract
very tightly, because the buttocks are raised, it will be easier to stimulate
The G-spot at the top of the vagina will probably be very sore and soft in
the lower body after the end
, but long-term training will bring you a
strong little butt!

4-Plow sex position (Relieve neck pain)

First, for fat sex positions and best sex positions to avoid cystitis, lie down completely, put the palms of your hands down on both sides of
your body, bend your body inward, lift your knees close to your chest, and then
use your hips to exert force and slowly lift your hips, waist, and back off the
ground. Straighten your crest for
magic mountain sex position, hands can be transferred to the waist to stabilize the body, slowly feel
the complete extension of the neck and back muscles, so as to relieve the
symptoms of shoulder and neck tension in urbanites. This more difficult action
will bring you and your partner a new vision, but it is not recommended for
novices. Those with experience should also pay attention to neck safety.

5- Kneeling and squat sex position (strong thigh curve)

Finally came to the action of the duo, just imagine how wonderful it is to
work with your partner for an intense sex avoiding for
fat sex positions and best sex
positions to avoid cystitis
. First, the man sits
in a kneeling position with his hands behind him supporting his body, his
fingertips facing forward, his back straight, and feeling the extension of the
quadriceps on the front side of the thigh for
magic mountain sex position; Posture (beginners may choose to kneel to enhance stability and
durability, as shown in the picture above), start
your intimate and lingering journey.

Well, the above are 5 recommended sex positions related to yoga today. Not
only can exercise the body curve, but also experience the lingering sex.

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