5 bad love habits for sex in long term relationships

they have bad love habitsfor sex in long term relationships

Although everyone
is under great pressure in work and life, and sometimes can’t raise interest,
this is not the main reason that affects sexual desire. In addition to busy
life and work, there are also
5 bad love habits for sex in long term relationships that
can also affect it. As long as you change
5 bad love habits for sex in long term relationships, you
can rekindle your desires, so please stop the bad habits that affect sexual

1.    Never
be active in having sex on the bed

In fact,
exercise in bed is also a kind of exercise. If you don’t exercise your body on
weekdays in
marriage quiz
, your combat effectiveness in bed will
also be weakened. In addition, work and life fatigue will affect your
performance in bed. It is recommended that you do more strength training,
especially exercises for the waist, abdomen and thighs. If you stick to it, you
will see an immediate
in bed performance
sex in long term relationships.

2. Your attitude is not right in having sex

is not only a catharsis of sexual desire
sexless marriage quiz, but
also an important process for two people to communicate physically and
establish an intimate relationship. Through this behavior, each other will see
each other’s deeper side. But if you have been reluctant to let go of your arms
(for example, because you are afraid of being seen by him, or because you are
afraid that you are not performing enough), this will only affect your
communication process, and everyone will feel tired over time. Open your heart,
and always show your true side.
you truly love you
, you will accept your shortcomings
sex in long term relationships.

3. Don’t understand each other

have sexual desire, but not as strong as men, so there are always situations
where boys want to fight and girls want to rest. Remember to tell the other
party how you fee in
sexless marriage quiz. If
there is no communication and no confession, long-term reluctant death-fishing
will make both parties lose interest in making love.

4.Only one move in having sex

Going to
the same restaurant every day to eat the same dish will make you feel tired
sex in long term relationships. If
there are procedures for
every sex in sexless
marriage quiz
there will be no surprises at all. I really feel
bored when I hear it. Surprise each other in a sex position.

5. Never drink too much before having sex

people think that drinking can be courageous in
sexless marriage quiz, and
they will do things they would not normally do in bed. Drinking a little
alcohol is indeed good for burning emotions, but if you drink too much, alcohol
will not only affect physical performance, but also the endurance will drop
sharply, and it will be disappointed in five minutes
sex in long term relationships. Next
time you want to have a vigorous bed fight, you have to resist drinking too

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