4 Tips to spice up your sex life!

They have no interests in sex. How to spice up sex?

Why does a couple who have been in love for a long
time no longer have “sexual interest” in each other? Not because they
are too familiar, nor because they are old. In many cases, women need each
other’s body very much to meet their normal needs or to enhance their
relationship. However, before sex, both parties lacked the desired “sexual
interest”. What should we do at this time?

1. Foreplay of
love makes him want to stop
spice up sex in relationship

Foreplay is also very important for men. A smart
woman must not only understand the body of a man, but also understand the voice
of a man; that is, every man has something he likes deep in his heart. As a
woman, you have to learn to take the initiative to understand the voice of a
man; before having sex, you have to do more things that he likes. For example:
You can try sex underwear, sex toys or try oral sex.

2. Create
freshness occasionally
spice up sex in relationship

If the same thing is done repeatedly, everyone may
lose their freshness. Therefore, both men and women should try different methods
to create different love situations to increase their sexual interest. For
example, couples who have been married for many years and have children can try
to put aside their roles as parents occasionally and try different ways to
experience the romantic space of the two.

3. Enhance
strong aura and charm
spice up sex in relationship

Confident women and men are the most charming. If
you are confident, independent, sexy and bold, anyone will be interested in
you. If you are confident, he will feel that you are also confident in bed. Of
course, if both men and women lose the interest in making love in the
relationship, then you can try some confident methods and techniques, such as:
provocative French kiss; sex in different positions; of course, you can also
choose different places for sex. Bathtubs, swimming pools, sofas, etc.,
stimulate interest in enhancing sex.

4. Girls take
the initiative
spice up sex in relationship

Cross-dressing temptation: secretly buy a sexy dress; when your husband opens the door after a hard day’s work, your new look
will let him find the feeling of heartbeat again.

Acting like a baby: Don’t always be busy with work
and housework, and be indifferent to your husband. As a woman, no matter how
busy you are, you have to take the time to take the initiative to kiss or hug
him to express love.

Posture unlocking: For sex, men always like to study
more “patterns”; women often have a shy mentality of “paying
attention to images” in bed, and always don’t like to try new tricks. In
fact, women should know that you have to learn to let yourself be more open. In
this way, you will enhance the sexual pleasure between each other.

Therefore, love and marriage are inseparable from sex. If there are asexual marriages and asexual lives,
both men and women should actively find ways to solve them.

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