4 sweet relationship words for her

he is saying sweet relationships words to her

There is a saying, I would rather believe that there are
ghosts in the world than that of a man’s mouth
flirting words. In relationships, in order to make women happy, many men
will often give their best, write some empty checks, and say some
sweet relationship
. As a woman, you can be moved, but don’t foolishly believe
words to describe love relationships, or in the end, you will be the
only one who is deceived and injured.

1. “No matter what you become, I love you”

The biggest lie of a man is to tell a woman sweet relationship words that I don’t care about your
appearance or looks. Although many men say that they don’t care about your fat,
thin, beautiful or ugly, no matter what you become, he will love you as always.
But when you really look out of shape and dress casually, he will say you are
old and yellow, and think you are sloppy, and then turn his eyes away. Even if
you are to save money, to take care of your children, no matter how much you
sacrifice for this family, men will not appreciate it, let alone cherish it.
After all, men are visual animals after all.

2. “I raise you”

Some people say sweet
words that what is fickle in women is
the face, and what is fickle in men is the heart. When a man says
sweet relationship words to you affectionately: “I
raise you”, just listen to the words, don’t take it seriously. Once a
woman has no job and must rely on a man to feed her, she loses her equal status
in relationships and the confidence to speak. Perhaps he is sincere to you
right now, but how easy is it to take the responsibility of supporting the
and saying sweet
relationship words
? If one day he gets tired and tired, he will ruthlessly
accuse you of spending money lavishly and dismissing you for not making money,
and then push all the household chores to you and give you a look. This is the
case with men. When they promise,
promise to give you happiness,
but when you rely on him, you will become
indifferent and don’t know how to cherish.

3. “I was wrong, forgive me”

Many men like to use sweet relationship words no matter what they do wrong.
When I say it sincerely and nicely, but the same mistakes will still be made
again and again, endlessly looping. In fact, the key to the problem lies in the
woman’s too soft-hearted. Some mistakes can be corrected, but some mistakes
must not be corrected. Once there is a phenomenon of derailment and domestic
violence, it must not be tolerated. Don’t believe the man’s nonsense just
because of a moment of soft heart. Any momentary confusion, not deliberately,
is just an excuse for oneself, the consequences of easy forgiveness will only
be exchanged for more ruthless harm. After all, once this kind of thing
happens, there will be countless times.

4. “I will love you forever”

In the process of getting along with men and women, almost
all men will say
sweet relationship words but few can really do it. He said
he loved you all his life, but he only loved you for a while. He said that
he only loved you, but turned around and fell in love with others. A man, when
he loves you, he opens his mouth for sweet words. If he doesn’t love you, only
indifference is left, and he doesn’t even want to say anything to you. In
relationships, a woman often decides to stay with a man for the rest of her
life because of a promise, but she often finds in the end that no matter how
beautiful the oath is, it cannot withstand the frost of time and the test of
time. Because people can change, and so are feelings. A lifetime is too long,
there are too many temptations, and many things are unpredictable. Who can
guarantee that he will never change his mind?

Love should not only stay in the mouth for sweet relationship words, but should exist in the heart
and be reflected in the action. No matter how much you love a man, don’t live
in his love, don’t listen to what he says, but see what he does. There is no
need to say the truth, if he loves you, he will never talk about it.

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