4 steps about Christmas decorations 2020

Merry Christmas

Christmas is coming soon, and the beautiful
Christmas tree is about to be decorated again. The family decorates the
Christmas tree happily, always warm and harmonious. Everyone wants to make
their Christmas tree more beautiful and unique and tasteful. Today we teach you 4
steps about
Christmas decorations 2020.

Step 1 Christmas decorations 2020: first take out the bracket of the Christmas tree and fix
the branches and leaves on the support frame, arrange each layer of Christmas
tree leaves, and let the branches and leaves expand.

Christmas decorations
2020: Install
the branches and leaves on the Christmas tree. There is no restriction on how
to install them. You can arrange them according to your preferences. The usual
way is to cross up and down, and then assemble the branches one by one. Be
careful not to be too neat and keep one The natural posture of the little tree
is the best.

Step 3 Christmas decorations 2020: you can start decorating the Christmas lights. The main
point is to decorate the lights equally. It can be layered around the Christmas
tree or wrapped up and down. Finally, the carefully selected ornaments are hung
on the tree. In order to avoid the picture being too complicated, it is
recommended not to choose too many kinds of ornaments. You
can choose
products of the same color. The decorated Christmas tree will have
unexpected effects.

When arranging Christmas lights, do not
insert too many strings, preferably not more than 300W lights, that is, 100W
lights should not be connected to 3 strings; 50W lights should not be connected
to 6 strings, so as not to burn out the bulbs over load.

Step 4 Christmas decorations 2020: Put some gifts under the feet of the tree! The bottom of
the tree can be covered with gift boxes, flowers, or even a mini Christmas

In addition, before decorating the Christmas
lights, you should first test whether the light string is normal, and then
arrange it; while the diamond light string is easy to be pulled off and the
bulb does not light up due to hooking. Pay special attention to the

After the Christmas
decorations 2020 is finishe
d, it is
recommended that you shake it gently to see that the ornaments are firmly
decorated on the tree. In this way, the Christmas tree is decorated, and the
Christmas atmosphere is highlighted.

In the end, Merry Christmas to all of you and your

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