4 stages of having sex standing up

she has no idea about stages of having sex standing up

In the 1960s, a series of studies by
sexologists William Meister and Virginia Jonson divided the sexual intercourse
process into four phases for the first time: “excitement period”,
“platform period”, “climax period” and “fading
period” “. The main function of these
4 stages of having sex standing up is to make the
penis and vagina reach the best condition, and fully accept or enter the other
party’s body.
sex is so good.
At this time the penis is full of sperm,
ready to ejaculate at the most suitable time with
sexing with crush.

1. Sex so good : Exciting times

A man’s reaction can happen within a few
seconds. Perhaps it was a sudden thought of sex, or a contact, or being
attracted to someone, which may have started the process. Almost immediately,
the bone plate will be congested, and the corpus cavernous body of the penis
will also start to congest. The male penis will swell and harden to stand up,
and the testicles will begin to rise into the body. The scrotum will enlarge,
the epidermis will thicken, and it will feel harder to the touch. And because
of the increase in blood, the color will appear darker.

But if you are “excited” for
more than five to ten minutes, your penis may become weak. Sudden noise or
something frightens the parties and ruins this
sexually excited party.
Women’s vaginas will also be wet, the clitoris will thicken, and the vaginal
walls will turn purple due to hyperemia. Nipples are erect and breasts are

2. Sex so good : Stable period

Male testicles rise to the highest point
and reach their tightest state, the glans will be thicker, occasionally a few
drops of mucus will fall, and the scrotum will swell up again. In the female
part, the outer third of the vagina will become more swollen due to hyperemia,
halving its caliber and forming an orgasm platform. The vagina is fully
extended, with the top inflated into a “cup” shape to receive semen
flowing to the uterus. Because of this swelling, a deep penis can cause
discomfort to
women. With the opening
of the vagina, a man’s sensitive glans will not be stimulated too much, which
also means that no matter how big a man’s penis is, a woman’s feelings will
still be compromised. At the same time, the lip area will change from pink to
red, and women who have given birth will change from red to deep red.

3. Sex so good : Orgasm

At this time, a series of regular muscle
contractions appear in the male penis, testicles and adjacent parts. The first
three or four contractions occur at a rate of about once every 0.8 seconds, and
finally about 2CC of semen is ejected. The female orgasm zone (labia and orgasm
platform, etc.) twitched 35 times at a speed of 0.8 seconds, producing a
sensation of reaching the peak, and the uterus contracted, producing a great

4. Sex so good: Decline period

After a man shoots, his penis will quickly
shrink to its maximum size of 12. Gradually, all the sex organs will return to
normal, his penis will return to its original size, no erections, testicles
will droop, and scrotum will become loose. For a certain period of time, no
stimulation can make a man excited again. When a man is a teenager, this period
is short. As he grows older, this period of time will become longer. He usually
needs to get excited again and must rest for several hours. After the vagina
stops twitching, the female clitoris will return to normal within 10 seconds,
and the color and shape of the entire vagina will take about 15 minutes to
recover. Master and Jonson believe that it takes 20 minutes for the uterus to
reduce the fever and return to its normal

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