4 stages of dream relationship

They are walking on the bridge in dream relationship

In feelings, love is what you are willing to
do; what you “should and must” do is mostly hurt. But the feelings of
many lovers become more distorted as they talk. From a good night, I feel
happy, but I don’t feel enough to see each other every day.
And  how do I know if he loves me? Quarrels and complaints are accompanied by
conflicts, and there are more and more moments of disappointment. Finally,
holding the phone to flip through the chat history, I don’t know what went
wrong. In fact, there are
4 stages of dream

For example, “There is a kind of man, he
has 1 million, he will only spend 100,000 for you. There is another kind of
man, he has 100,000, I will give you all. My husband is this kind of
person.” He may not be romantic and considerate enough, there is no way.
Let everything go well for you. Maybe you are not rich enough to give you a
grand marriage; but it must be someone else who can let you say “I
Therefore, you must understand the stages of dream relationship.

1st stage: coexistence.

Lovers in love, no matter when and where they
want to be able to stick together; there are always endless words, every moment
want to know what the other party is doing. Even,
women may think does
he actually love me.
the freshness is still there, you have a lot to share and explore each other.
From this stage, the peak of love is basically reached.

2nd stage: anti-dependence.

The relationship has entered a stable period,
and everything that should be shared is almost shared. If one party wants to do
something by himself, the other party will feel left out. So began to look for
evidence that “the other party loves me”. This is why many people
ask: After being together, the other person has become cold. This is also the
most prone to disappointment and
breakup stage.

3rd stage: independence.

For lovers who have survived the second
stage, congratulations to you: each other has more independent time for
self-improvement. At this stage, the two sides have reached a certain tacit
understanding. They will not be susceptible to each other because they are not
in contact for a long time, and each other is fighting for the future.
Marriage is often born at this time. And there will appear questions
before marriage.

4th stage: symbiosis.

After going through the first three stages,
you have become the closest people; you can not only share the good, but also
share the bad for each other.

The various definitions of the outside world
will no longer affect your judgment. You are ready to support each other and go
for the rest of your life together. There are really not so many two people in
the world who hit it off. We have to adapt and grow in getting along. Don’t let
other people’s standards affect your judgment of the other person.

If all of you
have experienced 4 stages of dream relationship,
it shows that your relationship is steady
and happy.

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