How do you judge her love during dating older woman meme?

he judge her love during dating older woman meme

When we are dating
mature women, it is necessary to follow reasonable steps to increase mutual
affection. But the premise is precisely that she is interested in us. So, how
should we judge that a mature woman is interested in us? How do you judge her love during
dating older woman meme

1. Confirm your eyes during dating older woman meme

When dating a
girl, you can tell from the look in your eyes first. There are several types of
expressions in the eyes. The first one is to stare at the girl at the beginning
of the meeting. Then if she is willing to look at you, and then half of it is
shy and said: Why are you looking at me all the time. Then show that this girl
is interested in you now. If the girl looks dodgy when facing you, she even
suddenly says: What to look at. That means she is not very interested in you.

2. Placement of mobile phone during dating older woman meme

The placement of
the mobile phone can clearly show that the girl’s current attitude towards you is that if you put the phone
directly on the front and you can see the message pops up, she is not afraid of
you to read it, indicating that the girl is interested in you. If it is buckled
and put, but she is playing with her phone from time to time, it means that she
is not very interested in you now. She was probably chatting with other boys,
and she didn’t hold it down. Didn’t you see the news as soon as it popped up?
That would be embarrassing. So if you don’t touch the phone, how about holding
it down? Congratulations, that means girls are very interested! Because she
doesn’t even have any interest in looking at the phone, so she wants to chat
with you.

3. Trust during dating older woman meme

We can see how
much she trusts us
by going to the bathroom during the date or whether she
will take the phone away when she leaves. If she takes the phone away from her
bag and leaves it behind, it shows that she has a sense of trust in us. But
sometimes girls go to the toilet with their bags. As for the reason, I think
men should also know why, but she left her phone behind? OK! Very good
performance, which shows that girls have almost no reservations about you and
trust you very, very much. Conversely, she took everything away, leaving you to
sit there alone, indicating that the girls are still a little wary of you.

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