4 skills of delaying ejaculation

he isdelaying ejaculation

Although the quality
of sex cannot be judged entirely by time and
, short time will affect the harmony of sex life. Many couples feel very
distressed because of the short period of sex in
, including some men who feel embarrassed and want to get rid of this
situation but
adventurous ideas
. Let’s take a look at the delay

1- Strengthen sexual impulses in sex

Many people think
that sexual impulse is particularly strong with their
adventurous ideas,
which will cause men to ejaculate too quickly. This
situation varies from person to person. Sometimes strengthening the sexual
impulse will delay the time of
facial ejaculation with sex burns.

If the
intensification of sexual impulse can delay ejaculation time, it is necessary
to conduct targeted training, and be full of sexual fantasies during sex, which
can be delayed for at least 15 minutes. But if the facts are exactly the
opposite, then it is necessary to suppress sexual impulses, and you can
appropriately divert your attention and ease
your sexual impulses
when you are about to ejaculate during
sex burns.

2- Slow down the frequency of thrust in sex

During sex, if the
male penis thrusts too fast, it is easy for the male to have the desire to
ejaculate in a shorter time. For this reason, you can appropriately slow down
the frequency of ejaculation and
facial ejaculation thrusting and slowly feel your penis in it. a feeling of. In this way, it
will have a special flavor and can extend the ejaculation time to a certain
extent. Some men are more excited when women dominate, and their penis is more
sensitive, so if you ejaculate too quickly because of this, you can be
dominated by men.

3- Press the penis appropriately in sex

When feeling about to
ejaculate, the man can press the head of the penis appropriately, so that the
pressure can be concentrated on the male urethra instead of the penis. This
will relieve the blood-filled penis to a certain extent and temporarily
suppress the
facial ejaculation reaction with sexually adventurous ideas. But this method
cannot be used every time, so the method of strongly
suppressing the desire
to ejaculate will affect the male’s prostate health.

4- do targeted exercises in sex burns

Squatting can
exercise the strength of men’s waist, buttocks and legs, so that men’s prostate
blood circulation is more smooth, and the prostate function can be enhanced. In
addition, you can also do some levator anus exercises, which can effectively
exercise the male sphincter, contract the muscles of the penis, and improve the
ability to control the penis.

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