she knows the signs when relationships change

The way adults end a relationship is
not quarrels and breakdowns, but a silent alienation. Some people, even if they
are already in their hearts, still talk to you calmly about their outfits
today. “
boyfriend doesn t love me anymore.”
But in
the face of feelings, who can really be a mature and stable adult who
understands self-mediation? No matter how good at covering up, some things
can’t be hidden after all. When a man no longer loves you, he doesn t love me
there are always some actions that
have betrayed his inner thoughts:
4 signs
when relationships change

1. He doesn’t care about your feelings when relationships change

What is it like to love someone? “My boyfriend doesn t
love me anymore.”
I think there is a sentence that is
very accurate, that is, “the eyes are raining for you, but the heart is
holding an umbrella for
you in difficult
” When a person truly loves you, even if there is
so much unpleasantness and fierce conflicts between you, he still remembers you
in his heart and cares about your feelings and
he doesn t love me.

At the beginning, when you fell in
love, you treated your girlfriends in every possible way, and boys were
considerate, gentle and warm men. “
My boyfriend doesn t love me anymore.” But then there were several conflicts, and after a few
quarrels, he became colder and colder towards his girlfriend. Even if the girl
is angry and upset, and does not eat for several days, he will never give in.
So don’t believe in what your personality dictates. As long as you really love
someone, his
heart will remember his feelings
difficult relationships. Only if you don’t love enough, you will not be willing
to compromise and change, regardless of your feelings
,“he doesn t love me.

2. He will take your kindness for
when relationships change

There is a very important theory in
romantic relationships-the reciprocity and reward of goodwill. If you want a
person to treat you well, the smartest way is not to force him to do so, but to
lead by example and take the initiative to be nice to him. “
My boyfriend doesn t
love me anymore.”
He will then give back to you, and
you two will push each other forward, and it will go round and round when
he doesn t love mein difficult relationships. This
is an essential stage in
advancing the relationship between the two.

However, if a person does not like
you from the bottom of his heart, he will turn such a two-way behavior into
your one-way output. He accepts all your kindness to him, but he doesn’t give
you anything back. You abruptly treat you as a “tool” and “free
service”. No matter how hard you work and how hard you work, you will only
become a “stupid” and “old mother” in his eyes in the end,
because he is used to it in
difficult relationships.

3. He is sharing with you when relationships change

 You: I just finished breakfast, now I’m going
to take the subway

Him: Oh.

You: Send you something interesting,
look at it quickly.

Him: Hmm.

You: Shall we have dinner together?
I want to eat Japanese food.

Him: Okay. “

I don’t know when, almost all of
your chats with him turned into such a pattern. You
tried hard to share your life with him,
but his answer to you became
increasingly concise in
difficult relationships.

4. He refuses to have close contact
with you
when relationships change

When two people are together, they
can hug, kiss, and even have sex. These are all natural things. “
My boyfriend doesn t
love me anymore.”
Although, for girls, love is a
necessary condition for sex, but for men, even if they face a girl they don’t
love, they will not reject the occurrence of sexual relations. But when a man
no longer loves you,
doesn t love me
, he will refuse to have “close contact” with
you anymore in
difficult relationships.

There was a psychological study that
showed that: People resist physical contact with people they hate. Only when
you like a person can you uncontrollably want to have intimate physical contact
with him continuously. The intimate contact we are talking about here
has nothing to do with “sex”
difficult relationships, but a
kind of intimacy from the heart, such as walking on the road and actively
pulling your hand, some of the close touches in life Tired of actions and so

Every marriage is hard-won and needs
to be managed. If you love each other, you must manage it well so that your
marriage can last for a long time.
You can love
online, and you hope to find your future partner through the
online BL app, but you must know what is guys mind during no contact
how to take it slowly. Feelings are a
lifetime thing, you don’t have to rush for a while, but be patient.

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