Due to being bored in sex, they are separating with each other

The quality of sexual life will directly affect the
feelings between men and women. When
having sex, the partner’s high emotions can also improve intimate sexual
However, many girls now complain that boys are bored sexually. Even, part of it appears sexual boredom. So, do you know any signs that he’s bored sexually in bed?

What are the signs of
sexual boredom?
This form of abuse is difficult to identify, but unless you know some signs to
watch out for. As Gail Saltz, a British PhD in psychology, said,
sexual boredom is related to psychological or emotional abuse. Gail
Salt believes
that psychological or emotional abuse is the use of
psychological violence to hurt and control the other party. The early signs are
usually the same as any early signs of abuse. Because emotional abuse does not
leave bruises or scars on the body, it does not mean that it will not have a
lasting effect.

1.     Bored
with sex: avoiding the observing

British social
science professor Dr. Lori Ann Post
said that sexual boredom and psychological
abuse usually occur when the other person is being forced. For example: your
partner will suddenly appear at your company and take you to lunch; install
eavesdropping software on your computer or mobile phone, or insist that you
stay with you all day. All these behaviors make you feel unfree and supervised.
Therefore, in the relationship between the sexes, you start to learn to avoid
having relationships, avoid meeting, avoid living together, and so on.

2. Bored in bed: Being doubtful

At the
beginning of the relationship, the other person treats you hot and cold, and
never creates romance or surprises for you. Even in daily life, he will sarcasm
or criticize, commenting on your dress, appearance, and the things you do. They
may also obsessively track your weight; if your weight does not fully meet
their standard weight, they will feel frustrated. However, they can change
suddenly–especially if they feel that they might lose you, they will
deliberately please you. Even when they need to nurture their sexual
relationship, they will deliberately send you gifts to please you. Slowly, when
these behaviors with a large gap between back and forth appear repeatedly, you
start to get tired of the other party’s various behaviors, and even doubt the
other party’s behavior. You become suspicious and refuse to have sex with each other. At this time, it means that you have developed
sexual boredom.

3. In boring sex: the disadvantages of
less sex
with each other over and over again)

couples will quarrel! But when one party became sexually bored, he began to
remain silent. However, the other party will become dissatisfied because of the
troubles of asexual marriage. You will start endless quarrels, and even
quarrels will continue to escalate. Because in this case, the two sides will
not conduct discussions rationally. Especially the one who has been sexually

4. In boring sex: disadvantages of not
having sex
afraid to chat)

In the
face of psychological abuse of sexual boredom, the most difficult problem is
that the harm of this form of abuse is deeply hidden. Usually, only when the
whole life of the abused person changes, he realizes that he is the victim.
This also greatly limits the intimacy between the two parties. In this case,
there is not much real healthy relationship. You will also start to be afraid
of bringing up serious topics. However, Dr. Post said that fear is a warning

to improve sex life,
open conversation is very important. This is
not only for your own mental health, but also for the health of the
relationship between the sexes.

As Dr. Saltz said, once you develop sexual boredom, it is
difficult for you to get out. Therefore, no matter what you do, don’t blame
yourself all. You have to learn to communicate and communicate with each other.

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