4 signs he doesn t love you

she know signs he doesnt love her

Someone has said that if a man falls in love with you, he must not be able
to hide it. It will not be expressed in words, but also in other behaviors. The
same reason, you can’t hide without love. The beginning of not love is that he
has a psychology of disgust in his heart.
doesn t love me.
He will no longer tolerate you and understand you as before, but dislike
you in words, indifferent to you, and ignore you.

As Moroya said: “There is nothing in the world that can last for a
long time in oblivion and abandonment. Houses will collapse when they are
abandoned, fabrics will decay when they are abandoned, friendship will be weak.
He doesn t
love me
.” When they are abandoned, and
love will also dissolve when they are abandoned. “When a man abandons his
feelings, starts to dislike you, and often says these 4
signs he doesn t love you enough and signs he doesn t love you.

1. “Are you annoying, stay away from me”

There are hundreds of different kinds of love, and the best one is that
two people have endless topics to talk about together, share endless lives,
share everything they encounter with each other, and never tire of each other. “
He doesn t love me .” When you learn that the latest movie is good, share it with him, he
will respond to you enthusiastically; when you know that there is a new gourmet
shop nearby, tell him that if you want to go with him, he will cater to you. S
igns he doesn t love you that he  complains about unsatisfactory
work, he will solve your problems and make you happy; if
you fall in love with him
, you are naturally willing to share what you have
seen and heard and some ideas with each other, and he will also listen
carefully to your sharing. And actively respond to you.

He no longer feels enthusiastic about your sharing, but feels irritable;
all your instructions are boring nagging to him, and even subconsciously say to
you “Are you annoying, stay away from me” . “
He doesn t love me .” He starts to dislike you and no longer expresses his love to you, the
speed of replying to you will become slower and slower, and he will often not
answer your phone calls.

2. “Why are you so useless”

There are always times when you don’t do well and make mistakes. This is
normal. However, the most terrible thing is not your mistakes, but the
incomprehension of your closest lover.

When you are negligent and fail to do a thing well, he will always
ridicule you: “Why are you so useless, you can’t even do this little thing
well”, then you must think carefully about
whether he really loves you
. “
He doesn t love me.” After all, a man who
loves you knows how to tolerate and understand, and is willing to help you accomplish
that, instead of saying a shocking sentence to you, “Why are you so
useless”. S
igns he doesn t love you that that a man who often says this to you may not love you anymore in his
heart. He just wants to seize the opportunity to hit you, sarcasm you, and let
you leave by yourself.

3. “What does this have to do with you”

Two people who truly love each other are each other’s strongest backing
and most loyal comrades in arms. Once someone says “what does this have to
do with you”, it is equivalent to drawing a clear line between him and you,
causing the original close relationship to begin to separate, and the original
strong relationship begins to become strange. S
igns he doesn t love you that your caring question will be self-satisfied because of his sentence
does this have to do with you
?” “What does this have to do with
you?” he forced the other side away and turned into two unrelated
individuals. “
doesn t love me
.” It seems that I am
also telling you that you will walk on your road, and I will walk on my
single-plank bridge. Perhaps it was a blurted outburst, but it was enough to
create a gap between two people.

4. “I’m really fed up with you”

Most of the time, in the communication between lovers, as long as they
encounter this sentence, no matter how good the relationship is, it will tear a
gap and will never heal. And those who truly love you will always pay attention
to their words and control their emotions, and will never say this to you and
hurt your heart. “
He doesn t love me .” Although there
are many unsatisfactory things about you, even though you have done many things
wrong, the
person who loves you
will still communicate with you well, even if you
quarrel, they will not say hurtful things. Because he knows that all problems
must be solved by communication, not by bad words or quarrels. Communication
requires both parties to treat each other frankly, that is, two people must
communicate what is in their hearts. If there is a misunderstanding, make it
clear, and if there is a gap, make it clear. Instead of just saying “I’m
really fed up with you” in a few words. That are s
igns he doesn t love you.

Life is sea and sea, you will definitely meet the partner who tolerates
you, understands you, and loves you, and grows old with you.

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