4 Sexless marriage advice for men in sexless relationship!

Kissing but have no sex in marriage

In recent years,
with the improvement of living standards, people’s sexual concepts have
gradually opened up, and the term sexless marriage has entered people’s field
of vision. But for men,
how can a sexless marriage
for men be maintained

In fact, there
are many reasons for asexual marriage, and there are many ways to improve them.
Here are a few suggestions for everyone:

1. Communicate

research points out that most couples often go out early every day and go home
very late, and they rarely talk to each other. Due to different working hours,
in order not to disturb each other’s rest, many couples discuss sleeping in
separate beds at ordinary times, and then sleep together if they have
“sexual needs”. Nowadays, most men find that they are powerless when
they want to have sex. In the long run, lack of communication between husband
and wife will not only greatly reduce the
interest” of both parties, but also prone to men’s ED (erectile
ejaculation, and women’s indifference. Decline of sexual function.

Suggestion: Both parties
need to communicate effectively; finally choose to have free time for both
parties, talk to each other about each other’s pressure, and recall the feeling
of being in love when they first met. When communicating, it is best for both
parties to put aside their work and focus on emotions. Good communication can
promote feelings and enhance close contact with each other.

2. Keep your
desire cycle consistent

Men and women
have menstrual cycles; men and women’s menstrual cycles are closely related to
the desire cycle. Therefore, t
he fit of sexual desire
is very important.
However, in an
invisible marriage, the unsynchronized sexual life and sexual desire have a
great influence. In other words, if there are differences in sexual needs
between men and women, it will lead to asexual relationships.

Suggestion: Both men and
women should actively understand each other’s desire cycle based on daily
observations, and slowly learn to keep the desire cycle consistent. When
necessary, both parties can use foreign objects to

3. Create a
two-person space

In married life,
couples rarely have an exclusive romantic time for the two. Because both
parties tried their best to put all their energy on the child, they ignored
each other’s feelings.

Suggestion: Couples can ask
their parents to help take care of their children for a few days; during this
period, the couples can go out to travel, live a world of the two, and increase
their sexual intimacy.

4. Learn to pay
attention to your wife’s heart

In sexless marriages,
girls may be prone to fear of sex.
Because women subconsciously associate sex with attachment, and they
also project this fear on the other side. In fact, sex symbolizes seeing each
other naked, and it also means whether the two parties can truly merge. After
fusion, I thought it would produce more attachment. This kind of attachment
problem generally comes from the influence of one’s native family. As a child,
girls did not get enough sense of security, so they feared sex. Therefore, this
kind of inner fear will affect the future married life, and it will also lead
to the so-called asexual marriage.

Suggestion: Find a
professional psychological counselor to adjust to overcome your own fear of
attachment. You can also read relevant books for yourself, self-groom, and let
yourself slowly accept each other.

Simply put, a
normal man will be very eager. In theory, as long as a man is mentally and
physically normal, his interest in sex will not be interrupted. Therefore, when
there is a sexless
marriage, men should actively seek solutions.

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