4 sex advice column

he is enjoying sunshine without dating a non affectionate person

for a long time, and they know each other very well. There are not many new things that can be done
together due to work, study, life and other reasons. Going out on a date is
nothing more than shopping and watching movies, etc., the love mode and the
person in front of you All have lost their appeal, making you feel

1. Do you want some sex advice column? Think about why you chose the other in the
first place.
Regarding the choice of the person in front
of you, you must have many
shining points
on him/her when you chose him/her at the beginning. Think
about why you chose him/her in the first place. Are these points still
available today? If not, how to remind the other party in a suitable way.

2. Do you want some sex advice column? Look at each other with the eyes of
growth and appreciation
. Everyone is not static. There will
always be a variety of insights in life and work. Looking at each other with a
growth mindset and sharing the joy of growth in time, you may have suddenly
learned how to make dumplings before; I didn’t know the meaning of Murphy’s law
before and suddenly understood; I didn’t know that the whitest toothpaste brush
for small white shoes was the whitest now; when I worked, I started to predict
the results directly based on the current situation and then act to establish goals first, and then measure
the difference. Act again…If the other party can’t do it, please let yourself
grow gradually and learn to share the joy of growth correctly.

3. Do you want some sex advice column? Experience something new together. The good
experience of new things will be given to the other person, and when facing new
things, it will let us change the angle and see the lovers of different faces,
which helps to maintain the freshness. Reduce the day-to-day dating mode of
shopping, eating and watching
like clocking in, go to an exhibition together, travel to places you
have never been to, cook a lunch together, read a book together, discuss a
point of view together…

4. Do you want some sex advice column? Reduce the high expectations of love. Love itself is
just getting along with people, not with perfect people. People will give up
more careful maintenance of a relationship after being familiar with each
other. This also exists in family relationships and friendships, but because
people have better illusions about love, and there is no unique certainty in
love, it is less tolerable The maintenance of the relationship fades.

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