4 satisfactory sex positions women love

she knows 4 satisfactory sex positions women love

In sex, generally speaking, it is not easy for a woman to
obtain satisfaction. On the one hand, it lies in the special physiological
structure of women, on the other hand, it is also related to men’s ignorance of
women’s needs. Let’s take you to understand what is the most satisfactory sex position
for women and
on top positions

most satisfactory sex positions

1.     Traditional female
superior or
women on tops sex position

It allows women to decide whether to stimulate the
clitoris or G-spot to obtain orgasm. If you want the former, women can lean
forward, bend their backs, and press their lower body against the base of their
partner’s penis. Try to move left and right laterally to rub the G point, which
belongs to
positions women love.

2.     Push grinding

This is a lingering swift battle. Women can lie on their
backs on the table with their limbs spread out and men stand in front of it.
The angle and thrust of this posture can make the heat rise in the shortest
time, which belongs to
sex positions women love. However, the
only drawback is that men will have too much stimulation and it is difficult to control orgasm.

3.     Posture of

This posture allows both parties to continue to kiss,
touch and gaze at each other, enriching each other’s emotional communication.
In order to change the monotony of this traditional posture, men can change the
angle of thrusting, and women may wish to twist their hips, which belongs to
sex positions women love.

4.     Cat pose.

This is called a straight line technique for sex, which
allows women to experience strong clitoral orgasm. It is somewhat similar to
the missionary posture, but requires the male to lean forward, with his arms
placed on the woman’s shoulders as support, and the two people’s body must fit
perfectly and keep the spine straight, which belongs to
sex positions women love. In sex, men can
move up and down gently, rather than forward and backward.

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