4 relationship values

they have experienced 4 relationship values

There are various
issues about marriage. When it comes to marriage, you have to talk about love.
In fact, love occurs because of seeing value in the other person. For everyone,
different time periods, the
relationship values are different. The range of relationship values is very large.
To establish a long-term harmonious marriage relationship between husband and
wife, there must be four
relationship values: one is indispensable with
sexual market value

1. Nurturing relationship values can also be
called survival value, which includes money and energy with
sexual market value.. Couples who do
not have sufficient economic and material foundations will have a very
difficult life without
value of love. There is no way to live and they have to
part ways. Generally speaking, the nurturing
value of love is provided by

2. The relationship values of fertility,
this is not difficult to understand. Couples who have children as a bond tend
to have more stable relationships with
value of love. Generally
provided by women
sexual market value. Women with good genes, good health, and
high fertility value are more popular.

3. Appreciation relationship values. This is well
understood. Now it is a society that looks at faces. Of course, this refers to
of love
of appearance, including body shape and measurements.
What can not be ignored is your behavior. Both men and women can provide
. It is generally agreed that women provide ornamental
value. Those who are sloppy, sloppy, lazy, and indifferent after
marriage must pay attention to
their own image and behavior habits with
sexual market value.

4. Emotional
value, which is very important, refers to whether two people can clearly feel
the flow of love with
value of love. Whether they are comfortable getting
along with each other with
sexual market value.

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