4 relationship problem quotes of gynecological diseases

she knows about 4 relationship problem quotes of gynecological diseases

Is my relationship toxic? When talking about
gynecological diseases, most people think of improper lifestyles and bad eating
habits. They will look for problems from themselves and take measures to
prevent them, but they do not know that the emergence of some gynecological
diseases is also related to men
4 relationship problem quotes of gynecological diseases. How
to get out of a toxic relationship?

Some people may wonder what the reason is. In fact, if
you have sexual life, it is easy to be found by gynecological diseases, and
most of them are related to men.
How to get out of a toxic relationship?

Why are some
gynecological diseases related to men?

1. Improper sex
life causes damage

my relationship toxic?
Such as vaginal tears, vulvar abrasions,
etc., most of which are caused by excessive roughness or improper posture
during sex, which causes female genital organs to be injured. The vaginal
mucosa is irritated and torn, which leads to perineal trauma. At this time,
resistance is reduced and germs Invasion will also cause various inflammations
and infections.

2. Genital

my relationship toxic? How to get out of a toxic relationship?
Trichomonas, molds
and other bacteria are easy to hide in the male urethra, and if there are no
protective measures during sex, the bacteria attached to the genitals will
enter the female body and cause vaginitis. So
before and after sex
, each other needs to clean their genitals.

3. Injuries caused
by abortion

my relationship toxic?
If contraceptive measures are not taken
during sexual life, the woman will become pregnant unexpectedly, and the
pregnancy needs to be terminated by abortion, which will cause great harm to
the woman’s uterus, especially during the operation, once infection occurs, it
will easily cause the endometrium Inflammation or cervical inflammation.

4. Semen allergy

my relationship toxic?
After sex, if there is itching in the
vagina, hoarse voice and thick red lines on the skin of the body, you should
pay attention, especially after every sex, it may be caused by allergies to
male semen.

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my relationship toxic? How to get out of a toxic relationship?
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