4 reasons of dating a non affectionate person

he has no idea about dating a non affectionate person

If a man suddenly loses interest in a critical phase of a
relationship, some common situations are likely to happen. Below are 4 reasons of dating a non
affectionate person.

1. You are on
different timelines of love when
dating a non affectionate person.

When you are looking for a loyal relationship, it is very
important to understand the timeline of the relationship. In the first 1-2
months, men
date just
to see if they want to further develop the relationship. On the
other hand, women will want to turn dating into love immediately, especially
when they are attracted to that man. 2-3 months is when he decides whether a
relationship has potential. Women tend to fall in love quickly at the beginning
of a relationship, but this is usually just infatuation when dating a
non affectionate
person. It is important to remember that the
person we started dating is their best representative. You don’t really know
what you are going to do until the 6th month. Men usually take longer to decide
whether they want to develop a relationship with someone, when you don’t give
them enough space to make a decision

2. You did not
give him enough space to decide what he wants when
dating a non affectionate person.

Based on the previous point, most men need time and space
to decide what they want. Remember, after 1-3 months, he is still deciding
whether to continue the relationship. However, if a woman brings up the topic
of “what should we do” prematurely, or makes plans for her future
(without getting his consent), she will feel pressure to make you happy. If he
feels he can’t do it, he will run. There are many ways to get the relationship
you want without driving him away.

3. He has lost
, but he dare not tell you when
dating a non affectionate person.

Some people just hate conflict. The men will do
everything possible to keep you from approaching and being unwelcome, so you
can take the initiative to break up with him. You may never know why he
abandoned the relationship. Maybe he found someone more suitable for him, or
maybe his chemical reaction is not strong enough.

4. The fascination
is gone when
dating a non affectionate person.

Intimacy and attraction are what brings people together,
but what brings people together is emotional connection and shared values. The
reality is that we will not have an emotional connection and shared values
until after a few dates. When you meet some people, you will find that you
and them are only a short-term fit.

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