4 questions on sex hurt between men and women

she has questions on sex

Injury during sex too? That’s right. The latest survey in
the United States found that about one-third of Americans have been injured
during sex. In some cases, the injury is so serious that they even have to see
an emergency department and someone says that
I need good sex and commitment”, “he just wants sex” .
The following are
4 common questions on
“sex injuries”
and their prevention and treatment measures.

Questions on sex: Laceration.
Sex lacks foreplay and rushes without arousal. The vagina is dry and
friction increases, which can easily lead to vaginal tears.

and treatment 1:
At least 10 minutes of foreplay is guaranteed to “soften” and
lubricate the body tissues and relax the muscles. Lubricants should be used
when necessary. If the pain is unbearable or menstrual bleeding symptoms occur,
you should see a doctor
as soon as possible.

2. Questions
on sex
: Muscle
strain. The more wild the sex is, the easier it is to ignore muscle cramps and
tension. This is not unrelated to the large amount of endorphins released
during the passion process. Only when the passion is over will the muscle
strain be discovered.

and treatment 2:
action is like yoga
, which requires constant training to achieve more advanced postures.
After a muscle strain, 600 mg of ibuprofen works well. In addition, trying RICE
therapy (the four English letters stand for “rest, ice therapy, compression,
and elevation”) can also help control the development of the disease. If
the pain persists after a few days, it is best to see a doctor.

3 Questions
on sex:
parts pain. During the onset of urinary tract infections, fungal infections or
bacterial vaginitis,
sex can aggravate pain and infections.

and treatment 3:
If there are signs of infection, it is best to avoid sex. Once treatment is
confirmed, sex should wait a week before proceeding so that the inflamed tissue
can heal completely. Cold compresses can help relieve pain. After that, you
should see the gynecology department to let the doctor determine whether you
need to receive medication or rule out more serious problems such as sexually
transmitted diseases.

4. Questions
on sex:
body enters the body. Where there are holes, foreign objects may fall into or
get stuck.

and treatment 4:
not put anything longer than two inches (about 5 cm) in the body. Scientific
research on orgasm found that too long sex toys do not help orgasm. If you use
toys, you should choose special sex toys with wider handles and higher safety
a sex
toy enters the body and cannot be taken out by yourself, you should see the
emergency department and ask a doctor for help.

So after sex, what should men and
women pay attention to?

1. After
is it
necessary to clean the private body parts?

During sex, male semen and female vaginal mucus will
stick to the external genitalia, and the dirt on the vagina or penis will also
be brought into the vagina, which will create a good breeding environment for
bacteria, so
after sex Wash both sex organs with warm water in time
to prevent genital infections and reduce the chance of urinary system infections.

Let me emphasize one important point first: don’t just
use the private parts cleaning solution. Most of the flora in the female vagina
is Lactobacillus, which can effectively prevent other harmful pathogens from
harming the vagina. In most cases, the flora is in
a state of dynamic equilibrium and has the function of self-recovery. The
vaginal douche is equivalent to a “killing weapon”, while killing
pathogenic bacteria, it will also cause a fatal blow to Lactobacillus. Although
it is clean in a short time, in the long run, it will destroy the
self-repairing ability of the vagina.

2. After
, is it necessary
to drink water?

Don’t forget to drink a glass of water after sex. During
sexual life, not only the sexual organs of both parties are in a highly
congested and excited state, but from the sexual excitement period to the
climax period, almost all tissues and organs of the body are involved in this
process. At this time, the body’s energy consumption is significantly
increased, and the metabolism of tissues and organs is vigorous. This process
consumes a lot of water. Therefore, after sex, you must drink a glass of water
to supplement the lack of water in the body, otherwise you will feel tired the
next day. Especially for middle-aged and elderly people, lack of water in the
body at night can also cause blood concentration and cause certain diseases.

If you drink cold water in a hurry after sex, it will cause the blood vessels of the whole body to constrict. For
example, the blood vessels of the gastrointestinal tract contract suddenly when
cold before the congestion is restored, which will cause gastrointestinal
discomfort or colic, or even stomach cramps; cold water It can also stimulate
the expanded cardiovascular and cerebrovascular blood vessels, leading to
changes in blood pressure. For people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular
diseases, it is easy to induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases;
drinking cold water
the sex
are congested may also cause some people with sensitive physiques to have lower
abdomen Discomfort such as bloating.

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