4 points of what makes a man commit

she touches her body without knowing what makes him commit

In the world of love, boys really like promises more than
girls. This is caused by the different value systems of boys and girls. In most
relationships, how does a girl decide what will make a boy promise you? There
are  4 points of what makes a man commit.

1) Look at the
expression of boys

you know what makes
a man commit
? From the perspective of social psychology,
among a group of people, the one who speaks less often is the most capable one.
This is a result of observation and statistics. The reason is that a person who
speaks less often moves his brain more than his mouth. That is to say, before
he speaks, he is thoughtful and does not speak the vernacular. And capable
people don’t need to rush to prove themselves, only if they do it will count.

2) Look at the
boys’ past

you know what makes a man commit? Let us not just use our ears to talk
about love, but also use our eyes to see and use our brains to analyze. We can
make some judgments by understanding the boy’s past emotional experience and
growth experience. It is often difficult to have a long-term relationship if it
is a person who often just talks and does nothing. Because his credibility is
problematic, so his friend There are not
many contacts
, or they have only recently met. In addition, boys with poor
control skills are more likely to just say but not do it, because failure to
keep promises is itself a manifestation of poor self-control. Of course, these
are just references, not absolute.

3) As a girl, have
reasonable expectations of the other

you know what makes a man commit? For this situation, we must consider
clearly before establishing a relationship, whether we want to lower our
expectations or give up the man in front of us, and then continue to look for a
man who can meet our expectations. Never want to lower the standard, and do not
want to continue
to look for
, and then stay with the other person on the spot, this often
will not have good results.

4) Correctly face
the promise of boys.

you know what makes a man commit? First of all, we must understand what kind
of promise we cannot expect. Many boys will tell their girlfriends that they
have always loved you, and their love for you will never change. This part is
also what many girls look forward to.

In fact, it is very difficult for us to find eternal
passion in a person, and even we ourselves can’t always have such a strong love
for each other, but we can look forward to always being with and supporting
each other. Often we need so much commitment because we lack a sense of
security, so we need the other party’s commitment to appease the inner anxiety
and anxiety.

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