4 points of first time sex between men

he knows 4 points of first time sex between men

There will be a
first time in life, and many men are often very nervous at the first time.
Therefore, with these performances, female friends can determine whether a man
has contact for
first time having sex. Introduction, so what are the
performances of first contact with men
first time sex stories?

1. Can’t find a
female portal in first time sex

This is also because it is the first time for men to lack
knowledge about sex at the same time. They only had fantasy about the female
body, without real physical knowledge. It may also be because the first time is
relatively shy, the female will ask to turn off the lights for the
first time sex. Because of these
two reasons, the male party cannot find the female’s door in the first contact,
which leads to embarrassment
first time having sex.

2. The first
ejaculation is fast in
first time sex

Many men will lose in the aspect of fast ejaculation at
the first time, because they are nervous the first time, fearing that they will
not do well the first time, and the sensitivity of the glans is relatively
high, resulting in fast ejaculation
first time having sex. In fact, it is normal for men to ejaculate
quickly for the first time, because it is the first time that men are in a
state of excitement, and their libido is also at a peak, and there is a lack of
self-control, which leads to the phenomenon of rapid ejaculation.

3. Weak penis in first time sex

This is also the first normal phenomenon that a man has
due to excessive tension and fear of his own impotence. In fact, male erectile
function is affected by thoughts, but it is not completely controlled by the
brain. Men tend to have more burdens than enjoyment for
time having sex,
and they are afraid of worrying about what
will happen the first time, such as fear of women being unsatisfied, pregnancy,
etc., which leads to men’s first erectile dysfunction.

4. Penis pain
time sex

Most men will experience penile pain after the first
sexual intercourse, because it is the first time for themselves, and because of
excessive tension, many movements are not noticed during intercourse, which
leads to the phenomenon of penile pain after male intercourse
first time having sex.

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