4 hormonal imbalance symptoms in females

she has 4 hormonal imbalance symptoms in females

Hormones affect all aspects of a woman’s physiology, but
some women experience excessive hormones. What causes
female hormone cycle?

What is the cause
of excessive
female hormones?

Excessive secretion of estrogen can lead to high
estrogen. The causes of high estrogen include hyper ovarian function,
hypothalamus, abnormal pituitary gland function, hyperthyroidism, liver
cirrhosis, excessive use of hormone-containing foods, dietary factors, body
obesity, and mental factors, etc., which can all cause high estrogen.

What are hormonal imbalance symptoms in females on the body?

1. Menstrual
disorders in
female hormones

The time for normal women to work each month is almost
the same as the amount of work each month, if the amount of each month is too
different. At this time, you need to be alert that it is caused by endocrine
disorders, too much or too little estrogen content in the body will cause
irregular menstrual flow.

2. Infertility in female hormones

There are some people who have sex with them for many
years after marriage, but they just can’t get pregnant. If you go to the
hospital for an examination, the doctor will tell you to regulate your
endocrine first. This shows that women’s endocrine disorders directly affect
fertility, because endocrine disorders will cause the cerebral cortex to be
ineffective, and even worse, the endometrium will be damaged, which greatly
reduces the chance
of pregnancy.

3. Cause breast
disease in
female hormones

Breast development is carried out by the normal secretion
of estrogen. If the endocrine system is imbalanced, it will greatly increase
the risk of breast hyperplasia and breast cancer in women.

4. Skin in female hormones

Women’s skin condition is inextricably linked with endocrine.
Menstrual disorders can cause skin problems such as acne. At this time, if you
take care of it, your skin will be smooth as before!

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