she knows 4 games to spice up sex tips

to spice up your sex relationship?
Foreplay plays a very important role in a
hearty sex, but we also need to pay attention to it. If your foreplay is not
correct, not only will it not be helpful, but it will make your life for both
sexes defeated. Sexual ending. So, you might as well do four mini games to
spice up sex tip.

1. Undress the
lips and tongue

How to spice up your sex relationship? How
to spice up a relationship
I used to play
rough stripping games, which is really not conducive to sex. Try to undress
gently. Fix your hands, then use your mouth and tongue to slowly peel and roll
off the clothes on her body. While taking off, you might as well take the sheep
and stimulate her sensitive areas. If there is music, it will be icing on the
cake. But pay attention to the thickness of the other party’s clothes,
otherwise it will take five or six hours to undress.

2. Blindfolded
hide and seek

How to spice up your sex relationship?
How to spice up a relationship?
One of you should
cover his eyes with a handkerchief to make sure that he is completely
invisible, let him judge the
other’s position based on
the voice of his partner, and then find the other
person in the shortest time. Of course, the rules must be clear. It doesn’t
matter if you find it, the loser will be punished. The way of punishment is
that the loser must “serve” the lover in the way of sex that he is
least willing to do. In the case of visual invalidity, sexual fantasies will
have wings. This is the secret of the success of this game. But be careful not
to pile too many messy things in the room, the one that is not blindfolded, you
must protect the safety of the blindfolded person!

3. Libido draw

How to spice up your sex relationship?
How to spice up a relationship?
This is a bit like
a usual game. Both of them find some small pieces of paper, write down one by
one the sexual behaviors that you secretly desire or curious about, and then collect them in a certain
hat or a big bowl. Then pick out one at random and discuss the topic above. If
both of you agree, try this approach. This method is great for sharing each
other’s desires. But it is better to pay attention to your request step by
step, otherwise it is a trivial matter to be rejected, and it will scare the
other party. If you don’t play this game in the future, you will be responsible
for your own profits and losses!

4. Body makeup

How to spice up your sex relationship? How to spice up a relationship? Female makeup brushes are thick and delicate,
and they will shiver when brushed across your body. Grab a brush with rich
bristles and gently lift his face and ears to the pelvis and inner thighs.

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