4 best sexual pickup lines for men and women

they are trying romantic sex

Different couples’ sex life brings different feelings, so after marriage, some husband doesn t want to have sex, and smart couples
will take the opportunity to satisfy their own experience of various
sex instead of deep hard sex,
such as feeling or location or romance. Well,
let’s learn the following 4
best sexual pickup lines to add some color to your life.

1- Conciliatory sex

It is very normal for couples to quarrel in life. Have you ever heard of bedside
quarrels and bedside reconciliation? When your quarrels can’t solve the problem
completely, you might as well come to release your sex instead of
hard sex and let your body touch
to offset the
quarrel, let the quarrel disappear without a trace.

2- Vacation sex

Everyone is extremely eager for travel and vacation. Some people often go
on vacation, but almost none after marriage. In fact, you can take your partner
to a new place for vacation when you are on vacation, not only to enjoy the
scenery but also to put aside all existing problems. In the absence of
firewood, rice, oil, salt, and all kinds of pressure, libido will greatly
increase. At this time, you can fight until dawn.

3- Pregnant sex

When you decide to have a child, you may wish to tell your partner that you
want a child before sex.
Then the two people will invest more energy during
sex instead of
deep hard sex, and your previous fit will become more obvious, but it is recommended to
do well before. Physical examination.

4- Romantic sex

In fact, romantic couple life is more common in daily life. For example,
all kinds of rhythms are basically the same. Send flowers and have a
candlelight dinner and watch a computer. The main thing is to live a married
life and release yourself to the fullest.

The goal of sex is to get you and your spouse closer, have more fun, and
make you satisfied. You can try the above 4 sex methods to warm up your
relationship and make your life happier.

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