4 advice to flirt for free

he is smoking without knowing 4 advice to flirt for free

We pay attention to the strategy and method of chasing
girls, and give feedback according to the girls’ interest in us, especially
when we are dating girls. It is very important to find the right time for
dating with girls, such as holding hands, hugging, kissing to flirt for free.

 If the timing is
not right before doing these, it is likely to cause the girls to resent and expose
their needs. How
to find the right
contract opportunity will make you do more with less.
Winning on the same day is not a dream to flirt for free.

1. When feelings
are frustrated,
you can flirt for free

Girls are most susceptible to fluctuations when they are
in a broken relationship, and their defenses are also the lowest, and this kind
of opportunity is very rare, which can be described as a once-in-a-lifetime
Girls are more likely to accept male affection when they are
frustrated or mentally fatigued. This is why some women will easily accept
another relationship after they are broken in love.

2. In an
unfamiliar environment,
you can flirt for free

Environment creates atmosphere and environment creates
romance. Do you know why so many one-night stands occur in places like bars,
KTVs, and nightclubs? This is because women are most likely to lose control of
their emotions in a dim and ambiguous and unfamiliar environment, and they will
unconsciously regard the men around them as objects to rely on, and develop a
sense of psychological dependence. At the same time, you need to show your
strong self-confidence and sense of security in an unfamiliar environment, so
that girls will be tempted by you unconsciously.

3. Emotional
can flirt for free

There are different types of emotions, such as happy,
sad, nervous, shy, etc. The sadness mentioned earlier, in addition to that, you
can make the other person shy by complimenting a girl, even if you know you are
deliberately flattering her, but you again and again In other words, during a
long vacation, she will think it is true and will be confused, but when you
praise a girl, you need to push and pull at the beginning to flirt for free. Half good and half bad. This kind of
emotional fluctuation can accelerate the relationship
between you.


G: You are dressed like a fairy in a fairy tale today,
super cute.

M: really

G: It’s just that you lack one thing, otherwise it will
be more perfect

M: What is missing?

G: Missing a gentleman like me to hold your hand (pull
the girl’s hand)

4. Flirting you can flirt for free

How can there be less flirting while dating? Many
brothers don’t dare or don’t know how to flirt. Here are a few flirting
conventions on how
to flirt for free.

G: Are you fatter again?

M: Nothing

G: Then why do you have more weight in my heart?

G: It’s so sweet. Drink it (pick up a cup of unsweetened
drink and pass it to the girl)

M: Humph, sugar-free, not sweet at all

G: I’m talking about you

G: Do you know
the closest distance

M: don’t know

G: It’s a hug (then reach out and hug the girl)

G: Do you know why I am taller than you?

M: don’t know

G: Actually I am taller than you for a reason

M: What’s the reason

G: Because as long as the sky falls, I can help you
withstand it

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