3 ways of what do men find attractive

she dresses in 3 ways of what do men find attractive

What do men find attractive? Only by attracting
can we better establish an equal relationship, and the process of attraction,
in our lives, becomes concrete, and it becomes a closer relationship between
men and women.
Am I attracted to men? So how do you get closer to each
other quickly? There are
ways of what do men find attractive.

1.     You should establish a relationship

How to become more attractive man? What do men find
attractive? Am I attracted to men?
The first thing you need to do is to
get to know him quickly and connect with him. A fan once told me that she liked
a boy for three years, but in the three years, the boy didn’t even know who she
was. Then, how could such a situation make boys be attracted to her. Therefore,
the key to “attraction” is to create “connection” first.

Q: Just ask the other party questions.

Invite: is to invite him at a social gathering.

Help: Ask him to help you with small things.

No: Just accidentally encountered.

Said: It is the initiative to praise him.

Among these five things, pick the one that is most likely to occur between
you. If he is a colleague in your next department, then you can ask him some
questions about work. If he is a friend of your friend, then you can set up a
game between friends to ask him in the name of a friend gathering.
Am I attracted
to men? What
do men find attractive?
If he is the
handsome owner of the coffee shop you frequent, you can go there a few more
times and ask him to help you make your favorite coffee in advance. If he is
working in the same office building as you, then when you meet him in the
elevator, you will accidentally bump into him. Because only if you get to know
each other first, and connect you first, can you have unlimited possibilities.
Otherwise, it is like two intersecting parallel lines, no matter how long they
are pulled, they will never intersect.

2. You should establish an emotional connection

Am I attracted
to men? How to become more attractive man?
Knowing him is just the first step you do. Next, all you need is to
empathize with him.
What do men find attractive? Some people say that if a girl wants to really get acquainted with a girl, then talk to her
about shopping and beauty. Think about it, what is your experience with your
good friends? In fact, whether it is between the same sex or the opposite sex,
if you want to get closer to each other quickly, and want to go further, you
need this kind of emotional connection. Because only when there is a
“resonance” between two people, and there is an emotional connection,
can we get the idea of “I and he are the same people” and get
closer to each other psychologically.
What do men find attractive? So find more common characteristics in your body to discover. For example,
you all graduated from the same school, you have all traveled to the same city,
you have the same hobbies, and you have similar experiences.

Am I attracted
to men? How to become more attractive man?
When you communicate deeply because of these things, you will unknowingly
let the other party put you into your own camp and become a “kind
person” in his eyes.
What do men find attractive? Then, because of these common hobbies and characteristics, you come and
go, get in touch more, talk more, and reveal more information to each other,
which is what we call “self-exposure.” You start to dig into each
other’s inner thoughts, such as family, love experiences, past experiences,
etc. You may talk about your family and ex, and the chat atmosphere will start
to become heavy. You will have reservations, but you will say 80% of your inner
What do men find attractive? The other party’s response must be about cutting and enlightening. He may
not be able to give you good advice, but he will definitely feel sorry for you.
You will exchange secrets with each other. Only close people will share these
secrets, even
if they have never been mentioned to others

3. You can try physical touch

Am I attracted
to men? How to become more attractive man?
In addition to language, the physical “familiarity” is actually
more direct. In many cases, when the body gets acquainted with the other party,
the brain will also have the feeling of “familiarity” with the other
What do men find attractive? Not only that, but in many cases it might even make the other person’s
heartbeat speed up. So we can do more “intentional” but very natural
physical contact.
What do men find attractive? For example, when chatting with the other person and laughing happily,
“leaning forward and turning back”, gently hold the other person’s
arm. Or when you get up to take something, or go to the bathroom and leave the
field halfway through, tap the opponent’s arm to indicate that you need to
“go away” at this moment. Or, be bolder, borrow the other’s hand to
“take your body temperature” and so on. These
are actually good physical
contact machines.

Am I attracted
to men? What do men find attractive? How to become more attractive man?
If you want to get a good love, you must learn to attract the person you
like correctly and get closer to him. Only in this way can your hearts have a
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