3 ways of how to keep a girl interested

The is not interesed in a boy

said: “
Loyal love is overflowing in my
heart, and I can’t estimate the wealth I enjoy.” Such wealth is also what
each of us wants to have. It’s a pity that not everyone is so lucky to have it,
or even if some people have it, they will be lost because of his stupidity. To
fall in love with someone, we all want to have
this love. After we have it, we begin to worry about gains and losses again,
for fear that the other party will not love ourselves one day, or leave and
leave. If that is the case, no matter how beautiful the love is, it will be
empty. And men may have these problems about
how to keep a
girl interested and how to keep wife happy and how to make your ex girlfriend
miss you.

love, what we want most is that the other person can always love ourselves, and
this relationship only increases. It would be better if we could be
“addicted”. It’s just that “addiction” also requires a
method. It’s not that you pester him, and he will love you as before. Tell men
three ways to make women “addiction” to you:

1. You need to make her
reflect the value in you

 “In the final analysis, love is a
reflection of a person’s self-worth in others.” When we fall in love with
a person, we will naturally pay for love, consider the other person, and hope
that the other person will be happy. Happy. Only when we show the greatest
value in each other, we will feel that the love we have given is rewarding and
worthwhile, and we will become addicted to this love and give more love.

people may want to ask, what is value. The most straightforward explanation is
that if a woman says “I love you” to you, you can respond to this
love in the same way, so that the other person feels that loving you is
worthwhile, instead of her giving nothing to you. Waves. With this value, women
will pay more enthusiasm to you and spend more thoughts on you. And your best
way to give back is to treat her with equal love.

2. Learn some love quotes

said: “Women fall in love with their ears, but men fall in love with their
eyes.” If a man wants a woman to become addicted to you, he must
understand this. When a man speaks sweet words to a woman, it does not
necessarily mean he really loves this woman. But if a man truly loves a woman,
he must understand the routine of love, that is, learn to speak sweet words to
a woman. Nice love words are a great bonus in love, like a glass of boiled
water, tasteless when you drink it, but if you add a little sugar, it will
taste much better. Love words are the sugar in plain water. If a man learns
this, he will make a woman very happy. In this way, a woman will naturally
become addicted to you and addicted to this love. The more love routines a man
learns, the more a woman will become obsessed with you, addicted to you, and
naturally will not leave you easily.

Learn to observe a woman’s inner world

said: “True love requires not only love, but also mutual insight into each
other’s inner world.” Although in love, many men don’t care about the
details, but if you want to make your love happier and beautiful A man’s mind
must be more delicate, knowing how to observe a woman’s emotions, expressions
and thoughts, I have to say that the more a man understands a woman’s mind, the
more he can get the love of a woman. When dealing with women, men must learn to
observe women’s inner world, know what women like, what they want, and what
they want to see at the moment.

like we often see such a scene in some TV dramas. When a man and a woman were
shopping outside, the woman saw what she liked and was reluctant to leave for a
long time. When the man asked about it, the woman just said casually:
“It’s nothing, just take a look.” Then, the man secretly buys the
thing that the woman likes. The woman will be pleasantly surprised when she
sees it, and naturally she will love the man next to her more. It’s not just buying
gifts. In many things, if a man learns to observe a woman’s inner world, he
will get twice the result with half the effort to protect a love.

said: “Love needs reasonable content, just like a raging fire requires oil
to sustain it; love is a harmonious blend of two similar natures in infinite
feelings.” In love, everyone wants each other I love more than myself. In
this way, I will feel more secure, and I will not worry about losing this love
every day. But love is not thought of, nor is it left there, love can always be
owned by you, but you need to cherish, give, and maintain this love.

want women to become addicted to you. It is not enough to rely on a handsome
appearance. It requires you to inject more things into love. You spend your thoughts
on love, love will give you happiness. Marlinsky also said: “The first
love without experience is charming, but love that can stand the test is
priceless.” In love, as long as two people wo
rk together to maintain this relationship, it will be the last one. And you can
keep a girl interested in you and keep your wife happy.

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