3 truth of perfect love imperfect relationships

she is perfect love imperfect relationships

Relationships aren t perfect. Zhang Ailing has
a saying that after marrying a red rose, over time, the red rose becomes a
smear of mosquito blood on the wall, and the white rose is still “the
moonlight in front of the bed.” When married to the white rose, the white
rose is a grain of rice on the clothes. The red is still a cinnabar mole on my
heart. This sentence tells the
truth about relationships of too many people in perfect love imperfect relationships.

Relationships aren t perfect. It seems that
after everyone gets married, they will feel a sense of gap with their partners.
Whether they marry a red rose or a white rose, they will suddenly regret it at
a certain moment after marriage. Before each pair of lovers get married, their
hearts are full of fantasy and yearning
in perfect love imperfect
. However, after entering the married life, I always hear
the sound of broken ideals. Those passions that were once obliterated by the
odds and ends, so many people begin to feel that marriage is not satisfactory. In those moments of getting in and out of
trivial matters, the goodness and patience for each other are gradually worn
away, and what is increasing day by day may only be disappointment and boredom
about relationships.

Often listeners leave me a message in the
backstage: Why do I regret it when I got married? I feel that he is not that
suitable for me, and I often feel that he may not like me that much. In fact,
there has never been a one-hundred-point love or a one-hundred-point marriage
in this world. No one is born with anyone
in perfect love imperfect
. Those so-called fits are also the result of the efforts of both parties and truth about relationships.

1. Love is endurance

Relationships aren t perfect. There is a
classic line in the movie “The Lost Lovers”: Two people love each
other, but there is no way to manage a marriage. This is the real tragedy. And
there is a saying
truth about relationships in the
“Bible”: Love is endurance. Although it is heart-stirring, it is
often true
in perfect love imperfect relationships. No matter who
you are with, you will encounter all kinds of dissatisfaction in life, and
there will always be times when
you regret getting married,
but a happy marriage requires less care and
more running-in. And those couples who slowly separated in the sound of
quarrels are often good at expanding every conflict to be uncontrollable,
fighting for a win or losing in a game of inconsistency, and the result is
often both losers.


2. Learn to accept the imperfections of marriage

Relationships aren t perfect. Perhaps we have
all fantasized about
truth about relationships such a perfect
lover, he is young and handsome, practical and motivated, he even holds you on
the top of his heart forever, so that you have a full sense of security
and can trust him without any worries
in perfect love imperfect
. But you forgot, there is no such perfect person in this
world, let alone a perfect marriage. All seemingly perfect combinations may
have countless compromises that you can’t see.

3. There is no perfect partner, and there is no perfect marriage

Relationships aren t perfect. There is a saying truth about relationships that it is
impossible for any good things to be obtained without effort, including a happy
marriage, which requires management. Perhaps this man has a particularly light
taste, but the woman is not spicy or unhappy
in perfect love imperfect
. Gradually, the man also eats spicy while drinking
water, and the woman also tastes delicious
sweetness from
the light porridge; perhaps this man is very frugal, even
stingy until there are only one or two clothes in each season, women spend a
lot of money, and the clothes are not the same every day.

But thrifty men never restrict women’s
shopping with a tough attitude, and women never force men to accept her
consumerism; perhaps this man is particularly careless and very nervous in
doing things, but women are notoriously careful
in perfect love imperfect
. But men
are always grateful to wo
men for reminding him, and women never just blame
men for being lost, but quietly tidy up behind them and then go to “claim

Relationships aren t perfect. Marriage is an
art of mutual respect. The more tolerant and respectful marriages, the happier
and more stable the marriage will naturally be
in perfect love imperfect
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