Overcoming the anxiety after breakup in 3 steps

She is upset after breakup

Many people do
not eat well and sleep well during the breakup period. After losing the other
party, you are very afraid that your next appointment will not be good, and you
are also afraid of re-cultivating “familiarity” with the other party.
Out of uncertainty about the future, you begin to panic in your heart and do
everything you can to keep the other party. But the more you do,
more breakup anxieties you will have
Although some people will directly vent their negative emotions, they
will still remember the sadness of
breaking up in a sad atmosphere one
For friends who break up
suddenly, it is very difficult for them to accept the
breakup at once. Even most people have breakup anxiety, so how to
overcome breakup anxiety?

the anxiety after breakup: analysis some unpleasant points in the relationship

In an intimate
relationship, no matter whether the ending between you is good or bad, these
are all things that you have to bear together. After crying, start to summarize
what you did wrong in this relationship, so as not to make the same mistake
next time. The best way is to write down these errors, analyze the reasons, and
propose solutions.

Even if you fail
to recover in the end, you can gain a lot
breaking up.

After doing
these things, I believe you will feel much better, and you will also feel that
your world is no longer dark, but full of motivation. Anyway, you should
remember that after breaking up, never allow yourself to fall.

2. Overcome panic attacks after
return to daily life

For a friend who
has just lost a relationship, it is very easy to come to a “memory
kill” from time to time, especially when you pass some places where you
have good memories, you can easily fall into a sad atmosphere all at once. The
best way is to fill up your work, social interactions, and studies, and at the
same time you can make a list and make an analysis plan for the areas you need
to improve. At the beginning, you may feel very tired and painful, but after
you adapt to such a busy life, you will feel that you have benefited a lot.

3. Overcome panic attacks after
breakup: self-repair

After going
through the above three stages, you have basically come out of a state of
anxiety about breaking up. Although the breakup has brought you a lot of
painful damage, no matter how much anxiety it brings to you after the breakup,
all you need to do is to summarize what you did wrong in this relationship and
adjust your state. I believe I will be better in the future.

Of course,
everyone’s self-repair abilities are actually different. Because boys and girls
may not be the same, girls are more emotional and have greater longing for
feelings, so after a broken relationship, girls often need more time to repair
themselves. In any case, you have to remember one thing, that is, to force
yourself to face the fact of the breakup. You need to make some small
adjustments in your outlook on life and values.

Finally, I want
to tell all my friends, if you want to be friends with your ex, you should do
it; if you don’t have anything to do with him, don’t contact him; if you want
to find a boyfriend or girlfriend, you should actively look for it. You need to
actively get out of the state of breakup anxiety, you have to clearly
understand yourself and make yourself happy.
Getting rid of breakup
is something an adult should do
well. If you want to know more about emotions, you can read more here:

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