3 things to consider before getting married

She is thinking 3 things to consider before getting married

People say that marriage is the second reincarnation of a woman. The
choice is very important for a woman. And after the choice, I think
to be happy in marriage
more important. No
one can give a standard answer saying that if you follow suit, you will be able
to get happiness. But I think the following
3 things to consider before getting
married for women.


1. Never give up your own management and growth before
getting married or in marriage

I remember that there was a hot search on the Internet that
“beautiful women got 80 pounds fat after marriage and were dumped”.
The heroine in the incident was a returnee executive, who had a promising
future. But after marriage, she chose to give up her career to become a
full-time housewife. Before getting married, the husband said, “I really
want to make you fat, because you won’t run away after getting fat.” But
after she really gained 80 pounds, her husband’s attitude turned 180 degrees.
Big change. Not only asked for a divorce, but also said: “You can do
whatever you want when you are thin, but I really can’t stand you now.”

 It is true that it is the husband’s
fault to fail to believe in words, but it is not that who has done nothing
wrong in the marriage will not be harmed. If the heroine still does not relax
her requirements
after marriage, even if one day her husband still abandons her for one reason or
another, she will be able to start a new life quickly based on her own
conditions, so
can you save
your marriage alone?
Now come to the point where the show complains.
Marriage may be appropriate to make people relaxed, but don’t think about it
once and for all. Not to give up your own growth is not to please anyone, nor
to maintain any relationship, but to ensure that you have the confidence not to
be low-pitched under any circumstances. You can use marriage as a protective
umbrella, but you must ensure that no matter when and where the umbrella is
broken, you have the ability to face wind and rain alone.

2. Control each other’s life without boundaries before getting married or in marriage

When I first started falling in love, I hope to be able to stick to each
other all the time, and I hope that the other person can be obedient to myself.
This is human nature, and it can also be said to be a kind of love. But if you
still maintain this mentality and style after marriage, then it will become a
killer that destroys feelings. Food will deteriorate after a long time, and
marriage is the same. Interfering with the
other party’s choice under the banner of “I am for your good” and
invading the other party’s privacy will only make the other party feel bored
and breathless. Everyone needs to have a relatively independent space. Smart
women should know how to let go of their hands appropriately and respect each
other’s private sphere. The most perfect control is no control. “I love
you, you are free.” is the best way to get along and
be happy in


3. Never leave the worst temper to the one you
love the most
before getting married or in marriage

 “It’s especially easy to get
angry with a lover” This is probably a common problem for all women: you
will get angry if you don’t answer the phone in time, you will get angry if you
are not satisfied with the gift, and you will get angry if you don’t understand
what you mean… or even completely There is no reason, as long as you happen
to see the other person’s face when you are in a bad mood, you can also get
angry at him. Afterwards, I will feel very regretful, and I can’t figure out
what I was doing at the time, or how I felt like doing this. But after the next
time your emotions come up, you have to repeat the process last time. We are
all used to leaving the worst tempers to the closest people, but in the final
analysis it is because you can be unscrupulous by relying on each other’s
tolerance. But you have to know that men are also tired; even if he loves you
deeply, he will feel chill after being hurt again and again.

You have to know that good love must go both ways, not one party for a
long time to accommodate the other. Therefore, promise me that I will no longer
be unreasonable and irritate to the person who loves you. The closer the
relationship is, the more careful to maintain it. Love alone is not enough, we have to seek appropriate ways to love. If you
want to
keep your marriage fresh for a long time, you must keep in mind: There are
some things you can’t do, and some taboos can’t be touched. And
all of you can be
happy in your marriage.

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