3 standards to gain long term relationship advice

he is asking long term relationship advice

A writer said: “If love is not
implemented in the real life of dressing, eating, counting money, and sleeping,
it is not easy to last forever.” Really good love can stand the test of
life and
sex in long term relationships. And
to test whether a relationship can last for a long time, one of the very
important criteria is two words: sleep.

1. Men and women sleep with their backs
to back, which means they are very alienated

In the adult world, the alienation of a long
term relationship advice
is always silent. In fact, in many
cases, truly defeating love is not something earth-shattering, but rather small
problems that accumulate in life. After going through picky, complaining,
quarreling, and cold war again and again, over time, it is easy to crack
between each other. The two hearts that were close to each other did not know
when they started, and an insurmountable gap was erected between them. Two
people who once loved each other sweetly and need
long term relationship advice, I don’t know when
they started, gradually alienated and become so strange. From the beginning, it
was like glue and paint, to now lying on both sides of the bed, back to back,
each sleeping on its own, without physical contact at all. Lying clearly on a
bed, I feel that there are thousands of miles between my heart and my heart.
Such feelings are at stake, full of indifference and alienation.

2. Men and women sleep in separate beds,
indicating that they have no hope for this marriage

Separating beds is not just a simple
separation of sleep, but also represents the disappointment in her heart. I
don’t know why, the marriage of two people has led to a loneliness for
long term relationship advice, as if
there is no other connection between
each other except a marriage certificate. In fact, the most hurtful thing
in a relationship is often not the heart-piercing quarrel, but the indifference
that turns a blind eye. Under the same roof, each busy, each sleeping, treating
each other as air, not talking or communicating. Such feelings are lifeless,
and it is difficult to go on. The longer the separation, the weaker the
relationship. In the end, the only bit of tenderness that was left was consumed
in mutual silence. Finally, your heart is ashamed and completely desperate.

3. Men and women do not have sex, suffering sexless marriage quiz

In the American drama “Sex and the
City”, there is a sentence: “How we behave in bed indicates how we
live.” Some marriages seem to be different and respectful, but in fact,
there is nothingness. A
marriage quiz
like two familiar strangers living together without any desire or spark. In
relationships, how a man loves you,
sleeps with you
. His body is there, love is there, and when the body is
not, love is often transferred. After all, if you don’t touch you, don’t want
you, it’s nothing more than not loving. In a relationship that exists only in
name, it is a kind of painful torture, whether it is from the body or the
spirit, to wrongly pay. Behind those seemingly happy, there are actually
unspeakable sufferings hidden behind
sexless marriage quiz, even if you are married and have a
husband, it is still as difficult as being a widow.

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