3 standards of matching energy in relationships

she is touching his face for knowing 3 standards of matching energy in relationships

Considering that too many people are speechless when faced with the words
“criteria for mate selection” and only know to spit out a
“feeling”, let me help you break down the criteria for mate selection
into a clear analysis. First of all, we can subdivide mate selection standards
into 3 standards of matching energy in relationships: sexual attraction standards, feeling standards and safety standards.

1. Sexual attraction standards of matching energy in relationships

When you first meet, if the other
person’s appearance or certain dominant trait meets your needs, it will cause our
adrenaline secretion, and this secretion will cause people to blush and
heartbeat, which is what we often call “heartbeat.” To put it
bluntly, it means to look handsome, smell attractive, and look good on certain
parts such as hands of matching energy in relationships. You can also understand it as starting from the appearance. This is
actually the primacy effect proposed by American psychologist Lochins. If you
get a good impression from the beginning, it will promote the contact between
two people. The more people who care about the primacy effect, the more they
care about the standard of sexual desire. People. People who secrete enough
neurotransmitters will
make you feel like it
of matching energy in relationships.

The reward given to the brain by
this standard is the same as when a couple is just together, there will be a
sense of happiness and pleasure in the brain. So we always want to be with each
other, just like Siamese babies of matching energy in relationships. And there will always be a filter automatically added to the other side
in our mind, so that we can only see the good side of the other side, and even
the bad ones will be “shaped” into good ones by ourselves.

2. Feel the standard of
matching energy in relationships

The feeling standard is a standard
that many girls prefer to be indispensable. It can be said that 70% of girls’
main demands in love are that the other party should treat me well, and the
other party should help me solve problems when I encounter problems and
troubles. Especially understand romance of matching
energy in relationships. When the other
party completes an item, it will give us a sense of satisfaction and send it
back to the brain, and the brain will tell us that this aspect meets our
standards. So when the other party can meet a requirement, it will be
classified as a person who meets our “feeling standards.”

3. Safety standards of matching energy in relationships

“I’m the kind of person who is
extremely insecure.” “I need to constantly have things and events that make me safe.” As the name implies, safety standards are
the qualities that can make people feel safe. There are several gods: maturity,
Rich, tall and loyal. The sense of security literally means the feeling of
security of matching energy in relationships. It is the psychological need for stability and security. It belongs to
the inner spiritual needs of the individual. With this kind of lack of safety
foundation in the heart, everyone always thinks about seeking advantages and
avoiding disadvantages to choose some characteristics with a sense of security.

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