3 skills to flirt for free

they know3 skills to flirt for free

Speaking of flirting, it reminds me of a particularly
irresponsible sentence called “Girls are only cute if they are
dirty.” It is like a passionate slogan, and it does not give a dirty
guideline. What problem will this cause? It is easy for people to defile people
in the wrong direction, hesitate and be confused on the dirty road, and finally become
messy and flirt for free.

Scenario: If you are having a meal with him and you want
to arouse his desire, how will you be dirty flirt for free?

1: I will suddenly be shy and ask the boy, “Do you
like chocolate?” The boy replied, “Like it.” “Oh, I have it
in my mouth now. Would you like to try it?”

2. Gently stroke the wall of the wine glass up and down
with your fingers, drag your cheek
with your left hand,
and say gently flirt for free, “Is the food delicious?” Pause for
three seconds, “Then do you think the food is delicious or am I

3. “It’s weird, I don’t even have an appetite for
tiramisu today.” The boy asked, “What do you have appetite for?”
At this time, he smiled charmingly, “To you~” Look, this is correct.
Dirty, correct provocative posture! Therefore, the mess does not make you more
cute and attractive, you have to flirt for

1. Provocative time to flirt
for free

When playing ambiguous, when do you need to flirt
for free?
It’s Yueheifenggao that
when you suddenly wanted to sleep with him, did you grind your gun and make a
big mess? No, kung fu is on weekdays, and the daily life of you and the male
god must be continuously tainted.

There is a “20-minute theorem”. When you go out
on a date, you must throw a sexual cue that excites him every 20 minutes, so
that the male god will have some sexual fantasies about you. If you have sexual
fantasies, it is not absolutely hello.

2. The place to flirt
for free

If you must choose, I think it is: in the car,
restaurant, movie theater, bar, his home, a small remote park. Because these
places themselves are closely related to sex, if you say
a little love story
that can drive associations in a small place that is
easy to arouse associations, and make small actions that can trigger
associations, the superposition of associations and associations is like
multiple orgasms. The same, it is wonderful. For another example, when he is
driving, you can pretend to chat easily, “Why the red light hasn’t arrived
yet?” “Why the red light?” “I can kiss you when the red
light is!” The straight man turned red at this time. The heartbeat is

3. Provocative action to flirt
for free

It is difficult to uniformly define dirty actions. In
fact, every girl can smear their own style, without copying a routine, so that
they can make a difference. For example, if you have a simple temperament, I
suggest you follow the route of Marilyn Monroe to flirt for free. Marilyn Monroe can combine purity and sexiness
into art at any time. You can watch all her movies.

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