she is hot and sexy woman making man interested

Any feelings need to be carefully
maintained. Getting along with the
sexes is a science, and every word and deed must be controlled. Many seemingly
inconspicuous little details may cause irreconcilable contradictions over time.
How to keep a guy interested after sleeping with him is
important for girls.
It is very important for two individuals to be
tolerant of each other. There are many things, as long as they don’t touch your
bottom line, there is no need to be too serious. The smarter a woman is, the
more she knows how to “play stupid” in these three times! There are
3 skills of how to keep
him interested.

1.     Keep him interested: When a man speaks
sweet words, learn to “play dumb” appropriately

A man in love will always say some
sweet words to make a woman happy, and sometimes even make some promises. In
fact, for a man, these words are nothing more than love words that he
unconsciously said when he is deeply in love, and he will not take it too
seriously. But the speaker is unintentional, and the hearer is intentional.
There will always be many women who really listened to the man’s words one by
one, and kept them in their hearts. Once a man fails to do it, they will be
lost, disappointed, and angry, followed by constant quarrels. In the end, both
of them are often exhausted and their relationship is in a precarious
situation. And smart women will not take these sweet words of men to heart. In
their view, any promise or vow is nothing more than a love word like the three
words “I love you”. Just listen to it and be happy at the time, and
you don’t have to be too serious afterwards.

2. Keep
him interested:
A man learns to “play stupid”
appropriately when he is boasting

love face, and it is inevitable that they will brag about it when
gathering with relatives and friends. For example, some men like to exaggerate
their income and make others think that he is a good husband who can make
money. Some men will deliberately exaggerate their family status, so that
everyone thinks that he has married a good and sensible wife. Some men like to
brag about their connections and make others think that he has a lot of face,
is capable, and knows how to do things. Other men like to show off their
knowledge, always like to talk in some areas where they are good at, and appear
to be very knowledgeable. Some women are uncomfortable with the vanity of a
man, and they always pour cold water to their face, making him unable to get
off the stage and giving no face at all. The result of this is that the more
men look at you, the more annoying they are, and they no longer want to take
you to parties on various occasions. Smart women would not do this. She would
listen to the man’s exaggeration in silence, and would never interrupt her as
long as it wasn’t too outrageous, and sometimes even actively echoed a few
sentences. Doing so will make a man feel special,
will feel very happy
, and he will be grateful for your understanding and

3. Keep him interested: When a man wants to express himself, learn to
“play dumb” appropriately

When a man wants to show himself in
front of you, please give him this opportunity. For example, when he volunteers
to cook for you, even if you know how many catties he has, don’t discourage
him, let him do it, and give him a positive evaluation after he finishes it.
And encouragement. For example, when he takes the initiative to take the child,
don’t be afraid that he can’t take it well and dare not give it to him. You
also started from a novice mother with a zero foundation. Experience lies in
accumulation. If you don’t let him do it, he will never do it. For example,
when a home appliance malfunctions, he confidently says that it can be
repaired, and you can let him repair it. If it is repaired, you can praise him.
If it is not repaired, it is not easy to say something cynic.

Men want to show themselves in front
of you, their purpose is to get your affirmation, and even hope that you will
be full of admiration for him.
smart woman
will actively encourage him at this time, guide him, and say
more nice things, so that he can do more housework. But stupid women will look
disgusted and even ridicule, and they will turn into men who can’t do anything
and don’t have the enthusiasm to do. Everything in the family needs you to do
it, and in the end it is yourself that suffers.

Many things between husband and
wife, there is really no need to talk too clearly, everything has to be said
clearly, this day is really impossible. Being confused is not only an attitude,
but also a state of mind. Some things just need to be understood in your heart
how to keep him interested, not to mention breaking them. Women must learn to “play stupid” in order to make
themselves happier!

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