3 skills of how to be more attractive to men

she wants to know how to be more attractive to men

Love often makes people lose their minds. How to make him want you more? Especially for
women, because of insecurity, they are more likely to spend everything in love
in order to get more cherishment from
to be more attractive to men
. But emotional matters are by
no means
as simple as you think.
need affection
. Pay and gain are not necessarily proportional. Sometimes, the more you
pay, the less he will cherish. Therefore, smart women are very comfortable in
their relationships, and they know when to decisively reject men!

1. In love you should refuse to rely on him too much

How to make him want you
There may be many women thinking how
to be more attractive to men
who feel that it is a very happy thing to
rely on a man for a lifetime.
need affection
. If he can really treat you for the rest of his life, of course it is a
happy thing. But people’s hearts will always change, no one can guarantee that
their partner will always be loyal. So, don’t pin the future on a man, because
such happiness is too risky. The most poisonous love word in the world is
“I raise you”. It sounds good when you say it, but how many can stand
the test of time? When a man asks you not to make money anymore, but to be a
full-time wife thinking
how to be
more attractive to men
, please be cautious and cautious, because
this means that you will lose the source of income and rely on him completely
from then on.

to make him want you more?
If the economy cannot be independent, you
will lose confidence in the days to come, because when you need to spend money,
you can only reach out and ask men for it. On the contrary, a man will slowly
become more and more arrogant, because he will take it for granted that he is
making money to support his family and everyone should listen to him.
Women need affection. So, in any case, a woman  thinking how to be more attractive to men can’t lose the
ability to make money to support herself, even if he treats you better now, you
should not be overly dependent on him!

2. In love you should refuse to obey him

How to make him want you
Readers often confide to me, saying that they have really
tried their best in their relationships, that they are sensible and responsive,
but in the end they still can’t keep that person.
need affection
. At this time, I want to wake her thinking how to be more attractive to men up severely: It
is because you are too obedient and sensible that he is used to less and less

It is very important for a relationship to last for a
long time, that is, both men and women must maintain a relative balance. You
cannot take him too seriously, let alone take yourself too lightly. It can be
good to him, but not so good that it loses principle and reason. If you listen
to him, he will become more and more lawless, so that in the end he will have
the illusion that you are just a vassal that can be discarded at any time.
Women need affection. In relationships, women thinking how to be more attractive to men must remember and
never be too obedient. The more obedient you are, the more he will despise you,
the less he will consider your feelings, and the less he
will take you to his heart.

3. In love you should refuse to give up personal space

How to make him want you
Love is never the whole life. You can love someone
wholeheartedly, but don’t devote all your time and energy to a man. Some men
have a strong desire for control and will ask you not to contact your friends
anymore, no other activities, just stay with him every day. For such a request,
you thinking
how to be more attractive
to men
must decisively refuse. Because once you do it, after a
long time, he will be tired immediately.
Women need affection. In the end, you must lose your friends,
yourself, and love. If you want a long relationship, you must leave personal
space for each other. Tie the two people too tightly, it will only accelerate
the cooling of the relationship
, and eventually become a burden, which is

How to make him want you
So, no matter how much you love him, don’t give up your
personal space for him. You should have your own life, your own hobbies, and
your own circle of friends, because only in this way will you be full of
vitality and your feelings will be full of vitality!
Women need affection. Woman thinking how to be more attractive to men, I hope you will
never be dazzled by feelings. The more you love someone, the more you must stay
sober and sensible. Learn to refuse reasonably, and you will get more

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