She is pulling a married man's hand

Usually our understanding of men has
a very profound label: animals that think in the lower body. Feeling that sex
is a man’s deepest desire. From a behavioral perspective, it seems like this,
making love is an instinctive feature of men. However, if we think about our
current state of marriage and emotions, we will find that
getting over a married man is more important. We will also understand that the deepest desire of men is not in bed for sex.

 01 How to get over
a married man : Married women need to let married men feel needed

After marriage, men become no longer
needed in everything. Especially after women give birth to children,
“women are weak, but mothers are strong.” They are as strong as
steel. You can repair the toilet, unload the lamp, change the water bucket…
even if you are sick, you can get some drips yourself.

Some women will say that they can’t
count on him. He was busy at work and clumsy at work, making him more tired
than doing it himself. Think about it carefully. At the beginning, women
actually ask for it. It may be that men are not doing well enough, which makes
women complain while doing it by themselves. While giving up asking the man,
they still resented in their hearts: This man has no sense of responsibility.

Over time, the man wants to do
something for help, but he doesn’t know if the other party needs it or not.
Some feel that they will be scolded for doing it, so it is better to stay away.
When a woman sees a man at ease, resentment floods into her heart. This has
become a vicious circle, making men less and less present in their relationships.
In fact, life is dull, often because silence is used instead of communication,
and the expression of words is replaced by complaints in the heart, thus
forgetting that each other is one and the relationship between need and need.
For good feelings, women must have independent ability, but they must also
balance the characteristics of a man’s bones, the feeling he wants to be
needed, this is his deep desire: a sense of existence.

 02 How to get over a married man : Married women need to
make married men feel admired

In the relationship between men and women, when a woman appreciates a man sincerely, the man will see the stars in
her eyes. When a man feels the admiration of a woman, his heart will be
stimulated with infinite fighting spirit. This sense of accomplishment and
satisfaction is what a man pursues in his life. Therefore, as a woman, we must
learn to worship her man.

Some women will say, “My man
really has nothing to admire.” This is actually impossible. Because, since
you chose him to be your man, there must be something you can admire. Maybe you
closed your eyes of appreciation, maybe your blame and complaint made his
original luminous place lose its luster.

Recall, when you are in love, do you often say: Wow, how did you do it? God, you know all of this.
Really, you are so amazing. Your praise of his voice and admiring eyes are the
best way to make men fascinated by you. Why not give it a try and let love
shine again with a small move. At the same time, it also stimulates a man’s deepest
desire: to be worshipped.

03 How to get over a married man : Married women need to
make married men feel understood

As a woman, don’t overestimate a
man’s psychological endurance. Don’t impose your own ideas on a man. What a man
needs is a partner who understands him, not someone who controls him like a
mother. In fact, many women understand in their hearts that a man is sometimes
a child who is not growing up, and deep in his emotions, he has a desire to be

Because a man’s rationality is
greater than his sensibility, his shortcoming is his lack of empathy, and this
is the area women know best. A woman with strong empathy can convert this
comprehensible desire of men into the spiritual resonance of “you can
understand me”, thus triggering this strongest aphrodisiac to guide men
Build a more tacit relationship between each other and deepen the relationship.

Therefore, a good partner is not
only a physical bond, but also a spiritual fusion and a soul fit. The
satisfaction of physical desires is fleeting, while the satisfaction that
occurs in the brain and heart can last for a long time. And such skills above
for you will help you
get over a married man.

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