A beautiful lady attracts a man

a girl for a number
is a very deep
knowledge. If the skills are not in place, you can only come back with a
feather and watch the beauty slip away. There are many boys who are envious of
love masters, and have no ideas about
how to ask a girl for her number at
. Actually, it is easy to
get the phone of their favorite girl.
In fact, you
don’t need to envy others, as long as you are willing to learn, you can easily
ask a girl for a mobile phone number.

1. Ask number: Borrow the other party’s mobile
phone to make a call

This trick is
used by many people, and it is very useful. You said to her in a very anxious
tone, “I’m waiting for someone, but he hasn’t been there for a long time.
I want to call to ask him where he is, but there is no phone. Can
I have your number girl?”. After getting the other party’s mobile phone, call the friend
so you have her number. Generally speaking, many girls are willing to help others.

2.     Ask
for a mobile phone number on the grounds of returning things

You must return
something you borrowed from the other party, and you must contact the other
party when you return it, so it is normal to contact the other party at this
time. For example, if you borrow a book or a tool from the other party, you can
ask the other party for contact information. And when returning things, you can
invite the other party to dinner and thank each other, so that you will
gradually become familiar with each other.

3.     Ask number: Words and deeds

Step1: take care of yourself, don’t have to be handsome, just look clean. Don’t
be sloppy, dirty, or sweaty (unless you are a handsome guy who just walked out
of the basketball court); of course don’t dress up too much, such as applying
hairspray, spraying perfume, combing a jet, or wearing a non-mainstream dress

2: Get close to the girl slowly,
and don’t rush
up with a prudent gentleman. It will give people a feeling of being easy to see
others. Step forward steadily, smiling, showing the feeling of a gentleman.

Step 3: speak, speak
slowly, speaking faster does not mean that the other party will be more

For example,
“I know that starting a conversation may seem insincere. This is the first
time I talk to a strange girl on the road” or “I know you may have
concerns about me, but I really don’t know any better way to meet You, I’m
sorry to take the liberty of coming up to talk to you.”

For example,
“I hope to have this honor to meet you, and I hope you can give yourself a
chance to get to know me, maybe I have the ability not to let you down” or
“I may indeed fall in love with you at first sight, I hope you don’t make
fun of Can’t I get to know you?”

Step 4: Look at the other person’s reaction

If the other
person feels hesitant, then you can further say to give the other person a
sense of security. Don’t let the girls feel that they promise you to appear
casual, say a few more words that reflect their sincerity. If you feel that the
number is not good, leave your number to the other party and give the other
party the right to choose whether to contact or not, so that the girl can take
the initiative.

No matter what
you say or do, remember that your purpose is to
date a girl by asking her number. You need to let girls feel their
sincerity and security in a short time.

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