she is holding his hands when he loves her

At the beginning of love, many
people will go through a period of ambiguity, falling in love with each other,
but will not take the initiative to pierce the window paper.
do I know if he loves me?
Relying on the message
conveyed between the eyebrows, you can judge how true the other person’s affection
is for him. However, not every relationship will have the result you expect
he said he loves me. If you love it right, you will hold hands with each other, and you will
participate in each other’s life as a formal identity; if you love it wrong, he
will withdraw from your world, regardless of the waves in your heart.
How do I know if he
loves me?
When the two sexes get along, the
3 signs show
when he loves you.

1. He always does everything
possible to appear in your sight,
when he loves you

There is a saying: “All the
unexpected encounters in the world are actually carefully planned by another
person.” I think it is true. The accidents that you think you meet again
and again have actually been rehearsed
of times
in the other person’s heart. If someone always appears in your
vision, please don’t interpret everything as a coincidence, because this is
also a manifestation of his love for you. There are not so many chances and
coincidences in the world. Some are just a heart that is willing to keep close
to you, and a cautious opportunity that wants to be around you.

2. He will let you be yourself
without burden,
when he loves you

Roy Clift wrote in
“Love”: “I love you not because of the way you are, but because
of the way I am when I am with you.” True love is never changing yourself
to please each other. A man who loves you will not try to make you what he
likes, but will let you be yourself without burden. A man who has moved you
sincerely will not let you
things you don’t like
because of some discordant sounds from the outside
world. You can have your own emotions, your own hobbies, even if you are not
understood and supported by the world, he will stand firmly by your side and
bear the bad reviews and slanders from others with you.

3. He will leave all his
preferences to you alone,
when he loves you

A man who truly loves you will
give you all this unique love, no one can share it. And this preference is
telling you that what he gives you is different from what he gives to others.
When you feel that a man treats you as an exception in his life, gives you a
unique preference, and allows you to fill all of his heart by yourself, then
cherish this feeling! It is never easy to be truly liked by a person.

he loves you
, he is willing to deliver a hot
heart to you, it means that he is ready to share the joys and sorrows with you
in this life. If you are experiencing a breakup, don’t worry about dying alone;
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