3 signs when a guy says he needs time to think about love you

she knows 3 signs when a guy says he needs time to think about love you

In a relationship between the sexes, when a
man spends a lot of time in his life, he can make a woman feel distressed.
There is no doubt that a woman is easily “conquered” in
short term dating. So we can see that many women always care
about each other’s love for themselves.
When he loves you, 3
signs when a guy says he needs time to
think about love you.

What love they care about, in their lives,
love is actually distressed in
short term dating. The more a man loves you, the more he loves you in his
heart. Because only if you love someone, whether physically or psychologically,
you will conditioned to cherish the other person. This kind of intention does
not actually need to be tried repeatedly.
When a guy says he needs time to
, just
look at his physical reaction.

1. When he loves you , he can speak with their mouths

The two
people get along for a long time, and of course they feel more and more plain
after passing
over in short term dating.
Some men, when facing women, their mouths become more and more dull, and they
cannot find anything to say. A netizen on Zhihu shared his parents’ daily
communication. It seemed to him boring, but to his parents, it was not boring.
Psychologist Wu Zhihong said: “The core of psychological needs is feelings. An
important value of intimacy lies in communicating and understanding and
accepting each other’s feelings.” In married life,
When a guy says he needs time to
, he is
willing to communicate with you and listen to your feelings in
short term dating. In fact, it is not that you are interested
in the topic you raise, but you are always interested in you.

2. When
he loves you
, he will have his hands close to you

is a line in the American drama “Sex and the City”: “How we
behave in bed indicates how we are living.” If a man feels bad for you, he
can’t rest his hands while sleeping and will unconsciously approach you in
short term dating. How far is the distance between the hands,
the distance in the heart is invisibly equal. And people who are used to being
close to you are a kind of dependence.
When a guy says he needs time to think, a man can show this dependence, which means
that he cherishes you
in his heart and believes that you
are the closest person.

3. When he loves you , his eyes cannot be separated from you

I saw a
video on Tiktok: A family of three went to experience skiing for the first
time, and the daughter was about five or six years old, who was supposed to be
the jewel of the family. And this pearl looked eclipsed in front of her mother in
short term
. The
daughter slipped between the father and mother, accidentally strayed from the
route, and bumped into her mother, and both mother and daughter fell.

picked up his daughter and helped her pat the snow on her body in
short term dating. After making sure that the child was
standing still, he walked around to her mother.
a guy says he needs time to
,, he rubbed his ankle for his wife. The movements are
much gentler than those of just carrying a child. Later, I simply found a coach
for my daughter. I chatted with my wife and occasionally glanced at the child
as a sign of encouragement.

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