3 signs she is bored sexually

she lies on the bed showing signs she is bored sexually

you know signs she is bored sexually? The incidence of female frigidity is
about 30% to 40%. In other words, one in three women is frigid. Frigidity, also
known as lack of sexiness or coldness, is a common
dysfunction in women. In general, female frigidity refers to
decreased sexual function, lack of sexual desire, etc., often showing
psychological and physical symptoms, such as fear of aversion to partners, men,
and sexual caress. No response to stimulation,
vaginal dryness, pain and discomfort during love, etc.

3 typical
manifestations of frigidity

1. Loss of libido: Do you know signs she is bored sexually? Mainly manifested as women have no desire
for sex and lack of sexual interest. Feeling anxious, discomfort or even pain
when in love. Some people do not avoid love even if they have the above
symptoms, but cannot respond to love when they are in love, the pleasure is not
obvious or even they don’t know what an orgasm is, or they have never
experienced an orgasm.

2. Breast pain: Do you know signs she is bored
sexually? In a normal sex life, women will react to the breasts when
they enter the excitement period, showing that the breasts show congestion,
areola congestion, and breast swelling can be 1/4 larger. By the orgasm, breast
swelling reaches its highest point. Then the breast congestion subsided and the volume gradually
returned to its original shape. This process takes about 15-30 minutes. For
women with frigid sex, because the excitement comes slowly, the congestion and
swelling of the breasts are not easy to subside or subside completely, these
conditions will cause breast swelling and pain.

3. Mammary gland
: Do you know signs she is bored sexually? Mammary gland
hyperplasia, also called lobular hyperplasia, accounts for 2/3 of all breast
diseases, and 1 to 3% may turn into breast cancer. Women who have not had sex
for a long time or those who are indifferent to sex are in a state of sexual
inhibition for a long time due to lack of corresponding sexual stimulation. The
breast does not undergo periodic physiological changes, and the possibility of
breast hyperplasia increases. All, breast hyperplasia may also be the
consequence of frigidity.

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