3 signs of how do you know if he loves you

She sits far away from him judging if he loves her

A woman in
is always insecure. The more deeply in love, the more sensitive and
suspicious she will be. Therefore, whenever they
fall into a relationship, they will be used to looking for all kinds of clues to prove that the
other party loves them enough. But emotional matters are really unpredictable.
Many times, you obviously think that person
treats you very well, but in fact, he has already changed his mind. As the saying goes,
knowing people, knowing the face and not knowing the heart. If a woman wants to
be happy, she must know
3 signs of how do you know if he loves you. See if he has
taken the initiative to show
signs of a needy woman.

01 Signs of a needy woman : When he
sees you are uncomfortable, he will take care of you.

Some people say that if how
do you know if he loves you
, you will know through being
sick. Although this sounds a bit sad, it is really a very useful method. Get
sick once, stay in bed once, look at a man’s performance, you will know whether
he is worthy of your continued love.

The man who truly
loves you
is distressed and anxious, considerate, and always pays attention to
your physical condition. As long as you need it, he will immediately appear by
your side, eat and feed medicine, serve tea and deliver water, the meticulous
care and care, it is enough to prove that he has already regarded you as the
most important person in life.

And a man who doesn’t love you is just another performance. From beginning to end, he had an attitude
that had nothing to do with him, as if the person who was sick before him had
nothing to do with him. He will never take the initiative to ask about your
physical condition, and he will never take the initiative to run over to take
care of you. If you ask him, he will show a look of reluctance and try to
perfuse you. As the saying goes, see the truth in adversity. Many special
moments can really test a person’s character and the true or false of a


02 Signs of a needy woman : Before making major decisions, he proactively
will ask you

Some men always talk about how important you are, but when they really do
things, they have already forgotten you. Everyone can say sweet words, which
can’t explain anything at all. True love never exists between words, but lies
in the details of life.

If a man really
loves you
, he will put you in a very important position in his heart, so that
whenever he needs to make a major decision, he will first ask for your opinion.
This is not because he has no opinion, nor is he trying to please you, but that
he has regarded you as an indispensable half of his life. So all your ideas are
closely related to him, and your approval or disapproval is an important
reference for him to make those major decisions.

Therefore, if the person you love has always been his own way,
self-righteous, always likes to make decisions first, and never asks for your
opinion, then you can only say that he does not take you in his heart at all.
The more a man loves you, the more he will listen to and respect your opinions,
because in his heart, you are more important than anyone else!

03 Signs of a needy woman:  Take the burden of supporting the family and
take the initiative

A man who truly
loves you
will not allow you to suffer and suffer with him. He will be duty-bound
to provoke the important task of supporting the family, work actively, strive
to make money, and do his best to create good material conditions for the
family so that you and your children can live a decent life.

This is something that every responsible man will do. Such a man is
indeed worthy of your love and cherishment, because he also contains you in his
heart. But not every woman can meet her beloved; there are too many men in
life, and what they do is really disappointing. They have never seriously
thought about what to do for this family, marrying a wife, they can’t talk
about love at all, but they just want to use her as a free nanny or even an

They are idle all day long, they are so lazy, they ask their wives if
they have no money, and they beat people if they don’t have enough money to
make the whole family restless. Meeting such a man, you can only say that it is
really unfortunate in this life, and divorce is your only right choice.

Language can deceive, but behavior will reveal the truest thoughts in a
person’s heart.
How to know if he loves you, you need remember that a man who loves you always can’t help but do many
things for you, because in his heart, nothing is more important than your
happiness. This is his greatest ideal in this life!

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