she doesnt know the signs he doesnt love her

Someone once said: “The body is
a mechanism that hides the most direct and pure code for feeling love.”
to tell if
your boyfriend loves you
, don’t look at how
many sweet words he says, and don’t look at how much material he gives you. Pay
attention to his every move in life, those tiny details, the easiest to reveal
a person’s true feelings. There are
3 signs a man is attracted to you.

 1. If your boyfriend loves you: He will laugh as soon as he sees you

 You will never know how much the person who
smiles when he sees you likes you. You think he just loves to laugh and has a
good temper, but you don’t know that he will only smile when he sees you. You
are like his dopamine control switch, as long as you are there, the cells
representing happiness will emerge impatiently. You are the immortal star in
his eyes and the indispensable beauty in his life. No matter how bitter life
is, as long as he sees you, he will be happy in his heart. If you meet such a
person, remember to cherish it.

2. If your boyfriend loves you: He can’t help but kiss you

Someone once said: “A man who
is willing to
kiss you does not necessarily love you; but a man who is not willing to kiss you
must not love you.” The mouth can lie, but the body’s reaction cannot
deceive people. When a person does not love you, his body’s resistance and
stiffness, you will surely be able to find out the first time. Conversely, if a
man really loves you, he will actively want to be close to you, hug you, and
kiss you. And this kind of closeness is subconscious and uncontrollable. Only
when you meet someone who loves the most, you will want to kiss her. Neruda has
a poem: “One kiss, you know all my silent thoughts.”

Love is deep, but I don’t know how
to express my love in words. At this moment, I can only use a kiss to tell you
how much I love you. Perhaps it was at a certain twilight, watching you see God
and feel that you are really lucky in life, so I unconsciously want to kiss
your face. Or maybe it’s a long-lost reunion, and misses so much that he can’t
help but hug you when he sees you, turning all the misses into passion between
lips and tongue, and conveying it to you. So how true a man loves you, how
deeply he kisses you.

3. If your boyfriend loves you: He loves you and
hugs you to sleep for

In life, the most tangible romance
is the closeness before going to bed every day. Compared with words, body hugs
can bring each other closer. The person who loves you is never willing to let
you fall asleep alone. He understands your vulnerability and sensitivity, so he
will hold you so that you can sleep peacefully in his arms. He can comfortably
expose everything in front of you, and a blind date with you will make him feel
extremely satisfied. Your existence has become indispensable to him, and your
breath has long been integrated into his blood. Sometimes even if you leave him
one night, you will make him sleepless. The person who can sleep with you for a
long time must be the one who loves you to the bone and decides to spend this
life with you.

Sometimes in emotion, physical
interaction is the epitome of our relationship with each other. W
hen he walks, he
holds your hand firmly, and when he sleeps, he hugs you tightly. So
how to tell if a boy likes you quiz, don’t listen to what his mouth says, and see how
his body expresses it.

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